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About Students’ Council

A Students’ Council shall be constituted in the university- for every academic year, consisting of:-

  1. The Dean of Students’ Welfare who shall be the chairman of the Students’ Council.
  2. All students who have won prizes in the previous academic year in the fields of studies, fine-arts, sports and extension work:
  3. Twenty students to be nominated by the Academic Council on the basis of merit in studies, sports activities and all-round development of personality:
              Provided that any student of the university shall have the right to bring up any matter concerning the University before the Students’ Council if so permitted by the Chairman, and he shall have the right to participate in the discussions at any meeting when the matter is taken up for consideration.
  4. The functions of the Students’ Council shall be to make suggestions- to the appropriate authorities of the University in regard to the programmes of studies, students’ welfare and other matters of importance in regard to the working of the University in general and such suggestion shall be made on the basis of consensus of opinion.
  5. The Students’ Council shall meet at least once in an academic year preferably in the beginning of that year.

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