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School of Information Science & Technology

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The comprises the following Departments.

The School of Information Science and Technology was started since inception of the university. It is an important interdisciplinary faculty in the University, aims at developing as a centre of excellence, especially in the present day information age. The school is dedicated to studies and research on the state of the art in the areas of Library & Information Science, Computer Science and Information Technology. Information Technology is gaining importance as a key resource for the economic, social, cultural and political development of a nation. Presently, the School for Information Science & Technology has three departments i.e., Department of Library and Information Science, Department of Computer Science and Department of Information Technology. All the three departments are running Post Graduation courses at the Masters level along with in their respective subjects and Ph.D. programmers.

Students in this school are motivated to field visits and educational tours which make them acquainted with the practical problems by observing them. Students of the school are made to attend conferences at both National and International level and give seminars on a regular basis.

This school is acting as a visionary response to the rapidly growing need in every field for the development of leadership especially in the field of Information Sciences and its related technologies. The school with its collaborative efforts in both education and research are producing new knowledge leading to advances in technology and thus helps in our understanding of the way IT is shaping our lives. Pass out students of this school are in high demand across a spectrum of fields. Our renowned faculty, a diverse group of thought, leads in numerous fields including Computer Science, Information Technology and Library & Information Science. Through their sustained efforts and expertise our faculty is jointly helping to guide students or Research Scholars of school. To gain expertise in the cone and relevant areas which are in demand by corporate sectors, Research and Academic institution.

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