School of Education

School of Education

Prof. Harishankar  Singh

Prof. Harishankar Singh
Professor, Dean

Teacher Education, Philosophy & Sociology of Education, Environmental Education, Educational Administration and Management etc.

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The School of Education comprises the following Departments.

The School of Education has been established to address the felt need of the country in the 21st Century in relation to empowerment of teachers in the context of current trend of shortage of skilled and knowledgeable teachers while efforts are under the way to implement various programmes ranging from Certificate to Diploma and Bachelor to Master and M.Phil & Ph.D. in the discipline of Education from secondary stage to university stage. There are three Departments– (i) Department of Education (ii) department of Physical Education and (iii) Department of Continuing Education & Community Services – established under School of Education to cater the need of teacher educators and educational researchers to conduct research and practice innovations in the field of Education. Again the primary reference point for designing and delivering the programmes are at par with the felt needs, aspirations and demands of the society. Presently under the School of Education, Department of Education is functioning and the other two departments are under the process of development. One of the main goals of School of Education is to help pupil teachers and students to inculcate humane values to become truly professionally capable and for the same, School of Education does focus on the development of cognitive- creativity using innovative, critical and techno-pedagogical skills.