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Reading Material


  1. Techniques for Efficient Remembering- Laird, D.A and Eleanor, C.

    Publisher: New York McGraw - Hill Book Co 1960
    Subject(s): Techniques | Memory Processes | General Psychology
    Summary: Laird, D.A and Eleanor, C.: Techniques for Efficient Remembering.. New York. McGraw - Hill Book Co, 1960. --(154 L13T 043941) 154 L13T (Browse shelf)


  1. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living - Carnegie, D.

    Type: Book
    Publisher: New York Pocket Books 1963
    Summary: Carnegie, D.: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. New York. Pocket Books, 1963. --(171.4 C19H 0300 )


  1. Interpretations of Dreams - Freud, S.

    Type: material Type Label Book Publisher: London George Allen & University 1952 Subject(s): Dreams Summary: Freud, S.: Interpretations of Dreams. London. George Allen & University, 1952. --(131.34 F90I 013364)


  1. Observational Studies of Social Behavior- Thomas, D.S; Arrington, R.E; Loomis, A.M.

    Type: material Type Label Book
    Publisher: Yale Institute Of Human Relations 1930
    Subject(s): Social Psychology | Observational Studies
    Summary: Thomas, D.S., Loomis, A.M. & Arrington, R.E.: Observational Studies of Social Behavior. Yale. Institute Of Human Relations, 1930. --(301.15 T36O 001464) 301.15 T36O

  2. Factors Determining Human Behavior - Harvard University.

    Type: material Type Label Book
    Publisher: Massachusetts Harvard University Press 1937
    Subject(s): Psychology Of Personality
    Summary: Harvard University.: Factors Determining Human Behavior. Massachusetts. Harvard University Press, 1937. --(137 H38F 001703) 137 H38F

  3. Torn Apart- The True Story of a Childhood Lost James Patterson

Self help

  2. The Undiscovered Self - Jung Carl Gustav.

    Publisher: London & New York Primus Books 2012ISBN: 0415278392150.1954 J96T