Student Counseling Centre

Vice Chancellor's Message

Prof. Sanjay Singh

 Healthy and peaceful mind is the foundation of constructive ideas 

I feel immense pleasure to share with you about the Student Counselling Centre, a student support service offered at Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar (A Central) University, Lucknow.

In this era of technology controlled development and stiff competition in every walk of life, where social fabrics are being eroded fast, there is utmost need to pay attention on the mental and emotional wellbeing of the youngsters. The university campuses are not untouched by the socio-political or emotional volatility. Our young minds are confronted with many issues related to time management, missing the classes, moving away from family, interpersonal conflicts, feeling of withdrawal, poor motivation, gender and caste discrimination and carelessness towards health, hygiene and personal appearance. When these problems faced by students are left attended, it is reflected in their attitude, behaviour, attendance in the class, academic performance and overall personality.

In such circumstances our university offers a helping hand to students in terms of a student counselling centre to enable them to feel confident and face the challenges with vigour. Health and Wellbeing services are being offered by the student counselling centre in collaboration with health centre and trained Psychological Counsellor to create a culture of holistic health wellness and emotional wellbeing at BBAU. The centre is committed to offer nurturing environment of trust and confidence to make the students move ahead in life and achieve emotional wellbeing, and their academic goals. At this centre, the students would experience the benefits of personal counselling from professional expert along with a series of workshops and other group activities. The BBAU team dedicated to student counselling centre are working hard to make the system more student friendly.

I hope that the centre would prove to be one of the best student support system for BBAU students and contribute towards the wellbeing of all the students, who are the future nation builders.

Best Wishes.