On-Going: Research Projects

# Title of the project Funding Agency / Ministry PI / Co-PI / Research Scientist Commencement of the Project / Sanctioned Date Duration of the Project Estimated Cost / Amount in Rs. (Lacs) Name of the Department
1 "Real Estate Sector and Rural Migration: a case study of Lucknow", BBAU- Stockholm University Collaborative Project. - Prof. Shashi Kant Pandey
- Prof Sarthik Bagh
- Dr Siddhartha Mukherji
2016 Political Science
People's Participation and Social Inclusion: A Case study of Boatsman Community of Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh. ICSSR Project - Prof. Ripu Sudan Singh
Political Science
3 Development and demonstration of pulp paper mill effluent detoxification technology after secondary treatment by combination of bio-augmentation and constructed wetland treatment process for re-use and prevention of river pollution DBT, New Delhi Prof. Ram Chandra     Rs. 72.59 Lakh Microbiology
4 Optimization of Post Methanated Distillery Effluent (PMDE) TDS Reduction for Development of Decolourisation and Detoxification Technique in Two Step Treatment Process Using Bacteria and Constructed Wetland Plant Treatment DBT, New Delhi Prof. Ram Chandra     Rs. 45.14 Lakh Microbiology
5 Study the biofilm formation in bacterial community, detection of quorum sensing molecules and their gene expression during bioremediation of chlorolignin pollutants discharged from pulp paper industry DBT, New Delhi Prof. Ram Chandra     Rs. 42.00 Lakh Microbiology
6 Development and optimization of a bacterial process for the degradation and detoxification of recalcitrant organic pollutants (ROPs) from tannery wastewater for environmental safety Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi Dr. Ram Naresh Bharagava   3 Years 50 Lakhs Microbiology
7 Characterization of the recalcitrant organic pollutants (ROPs) and bacterial communities in tannery wastewater (TWW) after secondary treatment process and it’s toxicological effects in environment Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi Dr. Ram Naresh Bharagava   50 Lakhs Microbiology
8 Development & Characterization of Inositol Hexaphosphatenanoparticals for targeted drug delivery to colon for deterrence of preneoplastic damage and cancer therapy ICMR Prof. Shubhini A. Saraf 2017-20     Pharmaceutical Sciences
9   Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI) Dr. Gaurav Kaithwas       Pharmaceutical Sciences
10   DST-SERB Major Research Project Dr. Sudipta Saha       Pharmaceutical Sciences
11 "Role of central pro-inflammatory cytokines in modulating cardiac function and EEG-ECG Interaction dynamics in chronic stress" UGC Start up Grant Dr. Vikas Mishra UGC start up Grant 3 years 10 lak Pharmaceutical Sciences
12 Grantentitled Mechanistic study of skeletal muscle loss in diabetic rat: Pharmacological/Nutraceutical Intervention(s) UGC Start up Grant Dr. Sapana Kushwaha 2019 3 years 10 Lak Pharmaceutical Sciences
13 Development of novel nano materials from waste materials and their applications for removal of inorganic and organic pollutants from the water and wastewater UGC start up Grant Dr. Jiwan Singh 2019 3 years 10 Lak Environmental Science
14 Synthesis of low cost materials for the removal of arsenic and fluoride from the ground water and wastewater. DST, SERB (Early research carrier award) Dr. Jiwan Singh      Rs. 12,82,413/- Environmental Science
15 Managing Software Security Risk: A Design Perspective UGC Prof. R A Khan 2015   Rs. 14,40,000/- Information Technology
16 Analysis of the Ergonomic Deficiencies in Computer Workstations at Government Offices of Uttar Pradesh UP-CST (Under Young Scientist Scheme) Dr. Dhirendra Pandey 2015   Rs. 10,44,000/- Information Technology
17 Design and development of speckle reduction Framework for LAN monitoring in Agricultural SAR Images CST-UP Dr. Raj Shree 2018   Rs. 7, 20, 000/- Information Technology
18 Developing improved and efficient estimators for estimating average production of Peppermint yield in Barabanki district at block levels Council of Science and Technology,Uttar Pradesh Dr. Subhash Kumar Yadav   2018-2019   Statistics
19 Foraging behaviour and ecological implications of insectivorous bats Science and Engineering Board, DST, New Delhi Dr. V. Elangovan EEQ/2018/000104 Feb 2018 to Feb 2021 Rs. 46,69,000 Zoology
20 Studies on Forewarning of Mulberry and Non- Mulberry pests through Foldscope DBT Dr.Venkatesh Kumar R.   2018 8,00,000/- Zoology
21 Enhancement of immunity and nutritional value of fresh water fish heteropneustes fossilis by novel arylvinypyrimidine derivatives DBT Dr. Abha Mishra   2018 55,20,451/- Zoology
22 Zoonotic induced alterations in histo-chemical correlates, oxidative stress and ecological dynamics of UGC-BSR Dr. Neeshma Jaiswal   2018 10,00,000/- Zoology
23 NMEICT Project NMEICT Prof. Govindji Pandey       Mass Communication & Journalism
24 “Science Technology and Innovation Hub in North India (Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh)” DST,New Delhi Prof. Naveen Kumar Arora
Dr. Venkatesh Dutta
  2019-22 2.35 Cr Environmental Science
25 “Development of 3-E defluoridation assembly for sustainable removal of fluoride from drinking water Impact assessment of dissolved metals in ground water on health and water quality in the industrial, agricultural, and urban areas of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh” SERB, DST, New Delhi Dr. Narendra Kumar   2020-23 33.4 Lac Environmental Science