Campus HealthCentre's

Yoga Wellness Centre

Prof. Harishankar Singh

Shri Sagar Kumar Saini
Yog Prashikshak

The Yoga Wellness Centre has been started at Health Centre, BBAU since 14-08-2019. At Yoga Wellness Centre, with the help of yoga & Naturopathy, problems related to everyday human life are addressed.

Objectives of Yoga Wellness Centre

  • To provide positive impulses & consistence towards Health
  • To preserve wellness through Yoga Aasan, Pranayaam, Dhyaan and Meditation
  • To provide relief from Heavy Diseases and Retain Health
  • To maintain daily life routine, Intake food and educate every person, how to main his/her health.
  • To promote Yoga among young generations
  • Even during the ongoing pandemics Yoga was performed by a large of volunteer staff members as well as students through online mode.