Campus GuestHouse's


Guest House Rule& Regulation-2012 has been recommended by the Rule & regulation Framing Committee on 15/12/12 with the objective to run the guest house of the University smoothly with definite set of rule.

Room Rent for University Guest House

Particulars Charges
VIP Suite Rs.1500/-(Official members from Institutions having MoU with BBAU) (Reserved) Subject to the approval of the C.A.
Flat (Single Room Occupancy) Rs.1500/-
VVIP Flat Rs.4000/-
Double Bed Room Rs.900/-
Common Hall (On First Floor) Rs.3000/- (For 24hrs occupancy)
Visitor Lobby & Dining Hall Rs.4000/- For 24hrs
Lawn Rs.3000/- Per day

Policy for Timing of Interval of Interval of Washing/Dry-cleaning of House Keeping Materials.

The Guest House Incharge shall observe following schedule for washing/dry cleaning of the housekeeping materials.

  1. Bed Sheet & Pillow Cover : After one use.
  2. Chadar thick/Curtain : Once in 03 month or as per requirement.
  3. Towel. : After one use.
  4. Blanket. : Once in a year.

Kitchen Timing

The following time shall be observed for providing Breakfast/Coffee/Lunch/Dinner etc.

S.No Particulars Timings
01. Bed Tea/Coffee 06.30 A.M to 7.30 A.M
02. Breakfast 8.30 A.M to 9.30 A.M
03. Lunch 1.00 P.M to 2.30 P.M
04. Dinner 8.30 P.M to 9.30 P.M

Food Charges

S.No Particulars Revised rate
01. Tea Rs. 10/-
02. Bed Tea Free
03. Coffee Rs. 15/-
04. Breakfast Rs. 50/-
05. Lunch/Dinner Normal Rs. 100/-
06. Lunch/Dinner Special Rs. 150/-
07. Party Lunch/Dinner Rs. 250/-

Rate For Additional Requirements

On request, the following items may be supplied on charges indicated against each items.

S.No Particulars Revised rate
a) Bisleri M.R.P
b) Fruit (Seasonal) Rs.50.00
c) Milk Glass Rs.15/-
d) Omlet/Bread (2Egg + 4Pc) Rs.20/-
e) Bread Butter (04Pc) Rs.15/-
f) Bread Jam Rs.10/-
g) Cold Drink M.R.P.
h) Biscuit M.R.P.
i) Dalmot Rs.10/-
j) Paneer Sabji (01 Plate) Rs.50/-
k) Milk Cornflakes (01 Bowl) Rs.50/-
n) Chapati Rs. 5/-
o) Paratha Stuff Rs.50/-
p) Paratha Plain Rs.10/-
q) Rice Simple/Basmati Rs.50/- and Rs.75/-
r) Juice M.R.P.
s) Others M.R.P

Facilities Provide in Guest House

The Following facilities are provided in the rooms of Guest House.

  • all rooms.
  • Heat Converter in all rooms.
  • A.C. in all rooms.
  • Geyser in all rooms.
  • Towel in all rooms.
  • Sleeper in all rooms.
  • Soap in all rooms.
  • News Papers in Common Hall.
  • TATA Sky in VIP Room.
  • Mosquito net in all rooms.
  • Internet in all rooms.


While allotting the room in Guest House, the following order of priority shall be given.

  1. University Guest
  2. Official Guest.
  3. Semi official Guest(Person from State/Central Government).
  4. Dignitaries Attending University function.
  5. Personal Guest.
  6. Others

The Guest House In-charge may be authorized to spent up to Rs.10000/- in order to meet out the guest house expenditure and he shall maintain the record for the same.Excess to this amount,he may spend as per university rule. Cash beyond the 10000/- shall be deposited in the bank account of the guest house.

Not allowed/permitted

  • Child above 12years shall be charged as one person.
  • More than two adults shall not allowed to stay in double bed room/suite.
  • More than one adult shall not allowed to stay in single bed room.
  • At least one meal is compulsory for the guest staying.

Any difficulty face by the Guest House in future course of action which has not covered in above rule And regulation may be resolved by the C/A by passing appropriate order.

Check out time: 24 hours

Interpretation of the Rule and Regulation of Guest House by C/A shall be final.