Campus GuestHouse's


Guest House Rule& Regulation-2012 has been recommended by the Rule & regulation Framing Committee on 15/12/12 with the objective to run the guest house of the University smoothly with definite set of rule.

Short title and commencement

  • This regulation may be called as Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University Guest House Rule & Regulation-2012.
  • It shall come in to force on such date when C.A. approves it.


The following persons are entitled to get accommodation in the Guest House.

  • All the members of the Board of Management, Finance Committee, Academic Council, Planning Board, Selection Committee and other Statutory/Non statutory Bodies, Examiners, Experts, Visiting Professor, Member of audit team and person visiting in the University for official purpose. They shall be treated as University Guest & do not have to pay for the room rent. Indenters will deposit the food charges in the Guest House in advance for them.
  • Participants of the Workshops, Seminar, and Conferences of the University: They shall be treated as Guest on Duty. The organizer of workshop, Seminar, Conferences of the University shall charge from the delegates on prescribed rate and deposit the same in the Guest House in advance.
  • c. For person working in other State Central Govt. Organizations, Universities, Public Sector undertaking the allotment of room may be done on request subject to availability of rooms. They are treated as semi official categories. They have to pay room rent and charges in advance.
  • For the Guests of teaching faculty and officer not bellow the rank of Group A, they are treated as personal guest. However, other employees may route their request through controlling officer. Charges of Guest House for personal guest will be on prescribed rates in advance.
  • Any other persons authorized by the Hon’ ble V.C. not mentioned above.

Allotment Rules

  • VIP Guest room will be allotted only on sanction of Hon’ ble V.C.
  • The other room will be allotted by the Guest House Incharge on the first come first served basis depending upon requisition submitted to the Registrar.
  • The prescribed requisition form should be sent to Incharge Guest house through Registrar at least three days in advance.
  • All the request for declaring University guest should be routed through Registrar on the recommendation of Dean/Librarian/F.O/ C.O.E/ Head/ Coordinator of the department/Section with the certification of this effect.
  • The Guest House Incharge will be intimated two days in advance for arranging any lunch/dinner along with prescribed requisition form.
  • Guest staying out side Guest House, yet rendering service to University during working hours and request for meal may be provided on payment basis subject to prior intimation to the Guest House Incharge in writing at least 48 hours in advance.
  • All the requisition application forms for Guest House facilities shall be routed through Registrar.
  • The rooms in Guest House may be allotted at a time for five days only, However, the extension of accommodation may be given with the permission of Registrar.

Dining Hall Facilities

  • No food will be served outside the Guest House Dining Hall except for VIP in special case.
  • Drivers of vehicles requisitioned for statutory body meeting will be served packed lunch boxes. The number of drivers expected should be stated in the requisition by the organizer of the meeting along with payment. It shall be realized in advance