Dept of Public Administration

Head of the Department

Prof. Oshdhish Pati Bhushan Shukla

 Phone: +91 - 9450209517,

The Program of Public Administration in the University is a new Department established in year of 2015. The department is dedicated to promote teaching and research in the emerging fields of public administration specially public policy and governance, comparative public administration, personnel administration, civil services reforms, development administration and development debate, financial administration, urban and rural governance, global governance issues, e-governance, exclusion and inclusive policy and human rights while maintaining the scholarship in some of the conventional fields like students.

Since its inception, the department has four teachers and around one hundred fifty students. Since its inception, the department has been concentrating on maintaining global standards in its teaching as well as co-curriculum activities. So far, it has organized around two national symposiums which were very well received in academia and in media. Its teachers and students are deeply interested in understating the administrative and social problems around them. The department is committed to give new directions to the teaching methods and research areas in the discipline.

The Department offers unique opportunities in the discipline as it is the only department of Public Administration, which offers undergraduate courses in the School of Social Sciences. Presently, the department is offering B.A. (Hons.) Public Administration and M.A. Public Administration program. The Department has been highly active in organizing academic activities and co-curriculum activities.