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National Conference on Information Security Challenges on 28th March 2014:

The objectives of the NCISC-2014 were to promote educational activities and interchange of Information towards the advancement of theory & practice of Information Technology applications along with other services for the betterment and welfare of the society & mankind. In addition, the NCISC- 2014 also provides a platform to get together all researchers in the area of Information safety and Security. The following topics were covered in the conference:

Software Security
  • Network Security
  • Communication Security
  • Security in Mobile Communication
  • Secure Broadband Technology
  • Security, Trust and Privacy
  • Security, reliability, privacy, and availability issues
  • Cryptographic techniques
  • Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare
  • Data Security and Data Privacy
  • Software Testing
  • Cyber Crime
  • The Speakers of the conference were Prof. K. Mustafa, JMI, New Delhi, Dr. S. M. Tarade, IPS, and Dr. Arvind Chaturvedi, STF.

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