Dept of Food & Nutrition

Head of the Department

Prof. Neetu Singh

 Phone: 9336458933,

Dr. Harsh Prakash Sharma, Coordinator, +91 - 9408398737

The Department of Food & Nutrition was established in the year 2020 after restructuring of the Department of Languages & Vocational Studies under BBAU Satellite Centre, Amethi. The Department of Languages and Vocational studies was established in the year 2016 under BBAU Satellite Centre, Amethi. The Department offers undergraduate course is B.Sc. (Food Science & Technology). The Department of Food and Nutrition carries out research that is of high quality and is internationally acknowledged. It runs BSc., FST Programmes in Food Sciences Food-Related Behavior. Up-to-date laboratory equipment and facilities including processing plants are available for research. The department values its good connections to food industry. One of the key area in research is food production chains, where the focus is on food processing, especially in the management of the processing chain of domestic food raw materials including packaging technology. By-products (circular economy) and microbial resources are widely utilized in research. Another key area is food quality and healthy nutrition focusing on the impact of food constituents and their properties on healthiness and sensory quality of food. The aim is to enhance chemical and microbial safety of food and to take part in risk assessment and management. Also factors associated with the choice of food and the impact of diet in sustaining health is important.