Dept of English

Head of the Department

Prof. Harishankar Singh

 Phone: 9405127744,

Dr. B. Patra, Coordinator, +91 - 8249094027

The Department of English, as a stand-alone department, came into existence in t2020 after restructuring of the Department of Languages and Vocational Studies under BBAU Satellite Centre, Amethi. The Department of Languages and Vocational studies was established in the year 2016 under BBAU Satellite Centre, Amethi. The Department offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, i.e. B.A. (Optional subject- English) and M.A. (English). The department is in the process of developing its different facilities and aims to offer quality education in diverse areas of English literature and language


The department envisions to promote interdisciplinary studies in English literature by incorporating texts from different languages. It aims to encourage and develop a comparatist approach between English and other Indian languages in sync with the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 and widespread plural linguistic traditions of India.

The department provides teaching and learning of English literature and language through a wide variety of textual, e.g., novels, poems, plays or other literary works, and non-textual sources,e.g. architecture, music, cinema, advertising, etc to impart a deeper understanding of the diverse countries, their populace, and intellectual traditions. Through extracurricular activities lectures, seminars, and conferences we endeavour to make the department a place for vibrant academic activity where students can develop a cosmopolitan and inclusive way of thinking and achieve their holistic development

The courses offered introduce the students to a vast array of contemporary socio-political and cultural debates and discourses, e.g., culture studies, Indian English literature, Indian philosophical thought, Gender Studies, Dalit literature, etc to sharpen their awareness about the culture and society we inhabit and foster a culture of critical thinking. The students thus with their enhanced understanding can consider building a career further in research and academics

The department is quick to respond to the fast-changing scenario of higher education at national and global levels. Thus our purpose is to impart necessary and useful skills to our students so that they may avail job opportunities in various fields, e.g. media and publishing, advertising and marketing, teaching, etc.