Dept of CS
Research and Extension in Computer Science

The Ph.D. Programme offered by the Department focuses on contemporary and versatile areas in the core field of Computer Science

  • AI & Web Mining – Web content mining, query disambiguation, WSD, Machine translation specially in Indian languages
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing - 3D reconstruction, Watermarking, Image Compression, Medical Imaging, Pattern Recognition
  • Computer Graphics – Image Modeling, Animation etc.
  • Networks & Cloud Computing – Cloud computing for minimizing power loss, Virtual Machine Migration, Evaluation and performance of different type of models, QoS parameters.
  • Modeling and Software Engineering – UML and Object Oriented based Modeling.
    • Name of Scholar Name of Supervisor SEX M/F/T Registration No. Date of Registration
      Surender Kumar Dr. Narander Kumar M 269/10 3/18/2016
      Jitendra Kumar Samriya Dr. Narander Kumar M 1387/16 11/7/2016
      Bably Dolly Dr. Deepa Raj F 1415/16 11/7/2016
      Neetish Kumar Dr. Deepa Raj M 1389/16 11/2/2016
      Sachin Sahu Prof. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi M 0940/06 11/4/2016
      Snehlata Prof. Vipin Saxena F 1391/16 11/3/2016
      Jaydip Kumar Prof. Vipin Saxena M 732/18 8/27/2018
      Ankita Srivastava Dr. Narander Kumar F 733/18 8/29/2018
      Ruchi Agarwal Dr. Manoj Kumar F 622/13 8/28/2018
      Anshu Gupta Dr. Deepa Raj M 1087/17 6/1/2018
      Dilip Kumar Dr. Manoj Kumar M 1086/17 6/1/2018
      Richa Verma Dr. Shalini Chandra F 1305/15 5/29/2018
      Banshi Dhar Choudhary Prof. Vipin Saxena M 1534/19 8/29/2019
      Arvind Prasad Dr. Shalini Chandra M 1529/19 8/28/2019
      Pawan Kumar Prof. Vipin Saxena M 737/13 8/28/2019
      Rashmi Dixit Prof. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi F 321/16 9/3/2019
      DIKSHA SHUKLA Prof. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi F BB016401 17/12/20
      SONAM SINGH Prof. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi F BB015855 16/12/20
      Anand Kumar Verma Prof. Vipin Saxena M BP003666 28/12/20
      Sugandha Singh Prof. Vipin Saxena F BP001753 28/12/20
      Amit Asthana Prof. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi M BP000326 28/12/20
      ARCHANA Dr. Narander Kumar F BP002257 28/12/20
      DEENA NATH Prof. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi M BP000426 28/12/20
      BANALA REVANTH Dr.Manoj Kumar (Prof. S.K. Dwivedi) M BP001793 28/12/20
      DIWAKAR DIWAKAR Dr.Deeparaj M BP000823 28/12/20
      HEMANT KUMAR Prof. Vipin Saxena M BP000478 28/12/20
      DEEPIKA GAUTAM Prof. Vipin Saxena F BP002385 28/12/20