Computer Centre BBAU

IT Guidelines / policies

    Guidelines / policies are adopted at the computer centre for various ICT / INTERNET related activities.

    University computer centre caters the ICT, Internet and wi-fi need of entire university. It manages and maintains the entire network of university extended through fiber lines to all important buildings in the campus from the centrally located computer centre, at the second floor of Environmental science building. The internet facility is provided to all staff and students through the 1GBPS NKN connectivity. Centre prepares plans to extend internet connectivity to various buildings as and when any requirements of expansion are identified

    Following guidelines/policies are adopted at the computer centre for various ICT/INTERNET related activities.
  • Internet facility is provided to all students and staff of university through registration process at the centre
  • University website is designed, hoisted and maintained at the computer centre.
    a) All updates and uploads are done by centre staff only after receiving written requests/emails from various Dept/Sections which are routed through Registrar
    b) Archives of old Notices/orders etc. are maintained at the server as back-up and can be accessed only by authorized persons.
  • Procurement of H/w, S/w and other items as required time to time are done by following due procedure. Identification of need for various items, Justification and specifications etc. are finalized by various standing committees constituted by university for the purpose. Procurements are done mainly through centralized Dept. of university
  • Centre staff provides primary services to maintain all computers/printers etc. through a job card issued to them.
    a) Every intender requiring maintenance service sends a request to the centre
    b) On receiving the request, a staff is deputed for the task
    c) On completion of each service, Job card, signed by intender is submitted/ kept at the centre for record/verification