Computer Centre BBAU
Computer Centre

Prof. Sanjay K. Dwivedi


 Phone: +91-9452757447

University came into existence in the year 1996 with a only a few departments. After the inception, there was virtually no computing and internet facility in the initial years. Later on university managed to provide limited computing facility to its students, teachers and staff. Internet facility was also made available through ERNET and BSNL devices. Due to very limited infrastructure in the campus in its initial few years, there was hardly any campus networking for proper internet facility, except for the then administrative cum academic block where limited LAN connectivity was provided in 2004. The University Computer Centre was established in year 2008. Centre caters the overall ICT need of the entire University. Since its inception, it has been helping University in Computerization of various Sections, extending Internet Facility, expanding the University Networks to reach various buildings, procurement, automation, providing email, development of various tools and utility software and maintenance of university Website, Establishment and Growth of University computer centre Training and other Various Activities.

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