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University came into existence in the year 1996 with a only a few departments. After the inception, there was virtually no computing and internet facility in the initial years. Later on university managed to provide limited computing facility to its students, teachers and staff. Internet facility was also made available through ERNET and BSNL devices. Due to very limited infrastructure in the campus in its initial few years, there was hardly any campus networking for proper internet facility, except for the then administrative cum academic block where limited LAN connectivity was provided in 2004. The University Computer Centre was established in year 2008. Centre caters the overall ICT need of the entire University. Since its inception, it has been helping University in Computerization of various Sections, extending Internet Facility, expanding the University Networks to reach various buildings, procurement, automation, providing email, development of various tools and utility software and maintenance of university Website, Establishment and Growth of University computer centre Training and other Various Activities.

Network/ Internet Specifications

  • Internet services are being provided across the University using 1 Gbps bandwidth at Campus
  • The network provide accessibility of more than 3500 wired and wireless (Wi-Fi)
  • Authentication based secured access to the Internet
  • UTM and Endian Firewall for Network Security
  • 125 Switches, 355 Access Points and Fiber backbone consists Campus Network

The Computer Center houses hardware of the following specifications

S.No Equipments Quantity
1 NKN Router 1
2 RailTel Router 1
3 CCR Router 1
4 Inventum Router 1
5 Firewall/Proxy Server (UTM) 1
6 Endian Firewall/Proxy Server 1
7 Endian Firewall/Proxy server (Backup 1
8 Wireless Controller (WLC 1
9 Fiber Distribution Switch 2
10 L3 Switch(Layer-3) 1
11 L2 Switch (Layer-2) 2
12 Racks (42U) 5
13 LIU (Optical fiber interconnecting unit) 10
14 SFP (Small form-factor pluggable) 31
15 SQL Software 01 2022
16 Antivirus 500 Users 2023
17 WebEx 01 2020 - 21
18 Microsoft MS office 60 2012
19 UTM Licence 01 2023
20 Cisco Wireless Controller 01 2020
Name of the Software Version Platform Description
Adobe Acrobat Professional 10 Windows PDF Reader & Writer
Amos 18 Windows Structural Equation Modeling
Atlas.ti 7 Windows/Mac Qualitative Data Analysis
Eviews 12 Windows Econometrics analysis, forecasting
GAMS 24.8.5 Windows General Algebraic Modeling System
G-Suite Enterprise/Education Edition Web/App Google Workspace
Lisrel 8.7 Windows Structural Equation Modeling software
Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Windows Antivirus Software
MatLab R2021a Win/Mac/Linux Technical computing Language
Microsoft Volume Licensing Software Windows/Mac/Linux Open Value Subscription Education Solution
Minitab 17 Windows Statistical Package
Papercut-NG 13.4 Windows Printing Accounting Software
SAS with E-miner & Text Miner 9.4 Windows Statistical Analytic System
SmartPLS 3.3.3 Windows/Mac Partial least squares - Structural Equation Modelling
SPSS 24 Windows/Mac Statistical Package
Stata/MP 16 Windows Data Analysis & Statistical Software
Simul8 25.0 Windows Simulation Software
Tally ERP 9(6.4) Windows Accounting Software Package
Turnitin Anti-plagiarism Web Tool Win/Mac/Linux Anti-plagiarism Web Tool
UCINET 6 Windows Social Network Analysis Program
Zoom Education Version Web/App Online Education Platform

IT Guidelines / policies

    Guidelines / policies adopted at the computer centre for various ICT / INTERNET related activities.

    University computer centre caters the ICT, Internet and wi-fi need of entire university. It manages and maintains the entire network of university extended through fiber lines to all important buildings in the campus from the centrally located computer centre, at the second floor of Environmental science building. The internet facility is provided to all staff and students through the 1GBPS NKN connectivity. Centre prepares plans to extend internet connectivity to various buildings as and when any requirements of expansion are identified

    Following guidelines / policies adopted at the computer centre for various ICT / INTERNET related activities
    1. Internet facility is provided to all students and staff of university through registration process at the centre
    2. University website is designed, hoisted and maintained at the computer centre.
    3. All updates and uploads are done by centre staff only after receiving written requests / emails from various Departments / Sections which are routed through Registrar
    4. Archives of old Notices / orders etc. are maintained at the server as back-up and can be accessed only by authorized persons.
    5. Procurement of H/w, S/w and other items as required time to time are done by following due procedure. Identification of need for various items, Justification and specifications etc. are finalized by various standing committees constituted by university for the purpose. Procurements are done mainly through centralized Dept. of university
    6. Centre staff provides primary services to maintain all computers / printers etc. through a job card issued to them.
    a) Every intender requiring maintenance service sends a request to the centre
    b) On receiving the request, a staff is deputed for the task
    c) On completion of each service, Job card, signed by intender is submitted / kept at the centre for record / verification

Major Services Provided by Computer Centre

    1. Maintenance of Internet facilities etc.
    1.1. Centre extends internet facility to all through 1Gbps NKN line.
    1.2. Staff regularly coordinates with NKN support, NIC, NICSI, ERNET etc.
    2. Maintenance of Computer, Printer, UPS etc.
    2.1 Provides computers hardware maintenance and support to all departments and sections which covers about 1000 computers and its peripherals of the University.
    3. Maintenance of Campus wide Network
    3.1. Manage Local Area Network that connects all the academic units, hostels, library and other central facilities.
    3.2. Managing and maintenance of passive network of campus (over 27 km of length).
    3.3. Maintenance of Wi-Fi network and related devices.
    4. Network Control Room / Server Administration
    4.1. Provide network connectivity in university from network control room by handling of Firewall / UTM (Gajshield), Endian Firewall, wireless controllers, routers, L-3 Switches, Fiber Switches CCR Router, DHCP Server and Antivirus Server etc.
    4.2. Regular updation of servers and cache clearance.
    4.3. Regular back up of various servers installed at control room) University Website, Portals and Email, etc.
    5. Creation, updation, maintenance hoisting of BBAU main website
    5.1. University Email server like one from NIC & G-Suit maintenance and hosting
    5.2. Designing of new pages and contents of the website
    5.3. Designing of portals and handling them.
    6. Handling Online Operation
    6.1. Managing the statutory bodies meeting of the University like Board of Management, Planning Board, Finance Committee, Academic Council, etc.
    6.2. Providing complete assistance during IP based and other Video Conferencing with President of India and other Ministers of the various Ministries.
    6.3. Live coverage of all major events including video conferencing & teleconferencing.
    6.4. Providing technical assistance during the Convocations/ Conferences / Seminars & other University functions etc.
    6.5. Overall assistance a technical support for online recruitment of various teaching positions.
    6.6. Training programs for faculty, staff, research scholars and PG students of the University.
    6.7. Managing the WebEx license for online classes and meetings for entire University.
    6.8. Assist various departments of the University in computerizing their activities.

For further details, please contact :

Director Computer Centre

Prof. Sanjay K. Dwivedi
Department of Computer Science, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar (Central University), University

Assistant Director

Dr. Manoj Kumar
Department of Computer Science, Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar (Central University), University

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