Notice Date
No motor vechile day 28-11-2023
Notice reg. Constitution Day on 26.11.2023 25-11-2023
Notice reg. Janjatiya gaurav diwas on 24.11.2023 23-11-2023
Office Order reg. Identity card 23-11-2023
Notice reg. Upgradation from JRF to JRF Department of Hindi 22-11-2023
Circular reg. Health camp and awareness camp is to be held on 24.11.2023 22-11-2023
Notice reg. Program on publication guidance on 23.11.2023 20-11-2023
Poster competition on tribal empowerment on 21.11.2023 20-11-2023
Condolece message 17-11-2023
Notification reg. Fillup the vacant seats from the waitlisted candidates 17-11-2023
Condolece message 17-11-2023
Counselling for seeking admission to certificate course in Music on 20.11.2023 16-11-2023
Notice reg. Celebration of 6th Naturopathy day on 16th & 17th Nov, 2023 15-11-2023
Office Order reg. Celebrating the 3rd Janjatiya Jatiya Gaurav Diwas from 15th to 26th Nov, 2023 15-11-2023
Notice reg. Celebrating Janjatiya Gaurav Diwas on 15.11.2023 14-11-2023
No Motor Vehicle Day 14-11-2023
Office Order reg. Distribution Tablet / smartphone 14-11-2023
Office Order reg. Proctorial Board 14-11-2023
Notice reg. Vigilance awareness run / walk on 03.11.2023 01-11-2023
No motor vechile day 31-10-2023
Notice reg. Distribution of smartphones & tablets on 16.11.2023 31-10-2023
Notice reg. Sports event 2023 - 24 from 1st Nov to 10th Nov, 2023 30-10-2023
Notice reg. Unity run / walk on 31.10.2023 30-10-2023
Notice reg. Lunch for teaching & non - teaching on National Unity Day on 31.10.2023 30-10-2023
Notice reg. Lunch for students on National Unity Day on 31.10.2023 30-10-2023
Poster competition say no to corruption : Commit to the nation on 30.10.2023 27-10-2023
Office Order reg. Mobile & Charger 27-10-2023
Office Order reg. Poster / banner 27-10-2023
Office Order reg. Admission in certificate course in Music 2023 - 24 27-10-2023
Special lecture on 27.10.2023 Department of Sanskrit and Vedic Studies 26-10-2023
On the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week debate competition on 31.10.2023 26-10-2023
Notice reg. Inter school sports events 2023 - 24 26-10-2023
Two weeks capacity building programme on Public Policy and Governance in India from 21st Nov to 02nd Dec, 2023 21-10-2023
North Zone open trail for various games on 25th & 26th Oct, 2023 20-10-2023
Circular reg. Achievement march on 20.10.2023 at 03:00 pm 20-10-2023
NCC enrollment 67 UP battalion boys open trail on 25.10.2023 20-10-2023
Office order reg. Holiday on Dussehra 19-10-2023
Notice reg. Admission in certificate course in Music 2023 - 24 has been extended upto 25.10.2023 19-10-2023
No motor vechile day 17-10-2023
Notice reg. Open trail Emrollment in NCC for girls students only (2023 - 24) 17-10-2023
Notice reg. Open selection trail for kabaddi (men) on 18.10.2023 17-10-2023
Notice reg. UG & PG admissions 16-10-2023
Notice reg.Faculty / Non - teaching & stude are invited Women's motorcycle event on 16.10.2023 16-10-2023
No motor vechile day 10-10-2023
Notice reg. Enrollment in NCC for girls students only (2023 - 24) 10-10-2023
Circular reg. Collection of Master Data for Uttar Pradesh Post Matric Scholarship 2023 - 24 08-10-2023
Notice reg. Yoga and Naturopathy Clinic 08-10-2023
Office Order reg. Cultural programme on 09.10.2023 08-10-2023
Office Order reg. Identity card 08-10-2023
Reg. Advertisement for NSS Programme Coordinator 07-10-2023
Circular reg. Health advisory in form of Do's & Don't on Dengue fever 07-10-2023
Office Order reg. Sector war responsibility 07-10-2023
राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन संबंधी सूचना मंत्रालय को भेजने के लिए सूचना उपलब्ध कराने के संबंध में। 05-10-2023
Notice reg. National music seminar on 06.10.2023 05-10-2023
Letter for the formation of Students' Council for the session 2023 - 24 01-10-2023
Notice reg. Gandhi Jayanti celebration on 02.10.2023 01-10-2023
Office Order reg. University will remain open on 01.10.2023 30-09-2023
Notice reg. Cleanliness drive on 01.10.2023 30-09-2023
Shramdaan for cleanliness for one hour together on 01.10.2023 30-09-2023
Circular reg. UP Post-matric Scholarship (2023-24) with time table and general Instructions for students 29-09-2023
Notice reg. Upgradation from JRF to SRF Department of Hindi 27-09-2023
No motor vechile day 27-09-2023
Live webcast of G20 University connect programme at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Auditorium on 26.09.2023 26-09-2023
Notice reg. Transfer of Course 25-09-2023
Admission in certificate course in Music 2023 - 24 25-09-2023
दिनांक 25-09-2023 को आयोजित हिंदी कार्यशाला में प्रत्येक विभाग एवं अनुभाग से एक अधिकारी/कर्मचारी को नामित करने के संबंध में। 23-09-2023
Notice reg. Ph.D entrance test 23-09-2023
l0th Institutional Ethics Committee meeting will be held in during the 3rd or 4th week of October, 2023 20-09-2023
Circular reg. Student health card diary 20-09-2023
No motor vechile day 19-09-2023
Office Order reg. Vechile parking 19-09-2023
Office Order reg. In view of the NAAC team visit University will remain open on the following dates 19-09-2023
Office Order reg. All the teaching and non - teaching staff are requested to avoid availing any kind of leave 19-09-2023
Notice reg. Hindi pakhwada from 14.09.23 to 28.09.2023 15-09-2023
Office Order reg. Identity card 15-09-2023
Condolece message 13-09-2023
Reg. Certificate 13-09-2023
Office Order reg. Prior permission of the Proctor is required for organizing any type of program in the University campus 12-09-2023
Office Order reg. University campus is declared to be out of bound for Mr. Abhishek Kumar 12-09-2023
Notice reg. Hostel requisition from 11-09-2023
Corrigendum reg. Ph.D seats 11-09-2023
Notice reg. University Kulgeet preparation from 12.09.2023 08-09-2023
Notice reg. Spot Reporting / Counselling in PG and UG Courses 02-09-2023
Notice reg. Last date of registration for Ph.D programme 2023 is extended 01-09-2023
Office Order reg. Banner poster 01-09-2023