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The School of Education has established to address the felt need of the country in the 21st Century in relation to empowerment of teachers in the context of current trend of skills shortage and unemployment. While efforts are under the way to implement programmes ranging from Certificate to Diploma and P.G. Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. in the discipline of education from all stages (nursery, elementary, secondary, senior secondary, college and university including technical and vocational ). As per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission, six centres are established under School of Education to cater the need of teacher educators and researchers to conduct research and innovations in the field of Education. Again the primary reference point for designing and delivering the programmes are at par with the needs and demands of the Industry. Presently, the Centre for Professional Development of Teacher Educators and Teacher Education Curricula(CPDTETEC) has already started M.A Education Programme under Innovative Course.

Short term and Long term goals

Short term goals

  • Designing highly employable Innovative Programmes
  • Developing Curriculum for School Education
  • Practicing Pedagogical Innovations
  • Promoting Action Research
  • Community Outreach

Long term goals

  • Extension of Minimum Levels of Learning Competencies from primary stage to upper primary, secondary and senior secondary stage.
  • Setting National standard for Twelve Years of School Leaving Certificate
  • Supporting National and State level Educational Policy for Inclusive development
  • Linking Policies with educational practices
  • Promoting Indigenous Research
  • Centre of Excellence in School Education


Course Name B.Ed.
Duration 2 Years (4 Semester)
Intake 100

Course Name M.A. Education
Duration 2 Years (4 Semester)
Intake 40

  • Semester - I

    • Paper CodePaper Title Credits
      MAE - 101Educational Thought: Indian Philosophical Traditions 3
      MAE - 102Education, Culture and Society 3
      MAE - 103Learner Development 3
      MAE - 104Mathodology of Educational Research 3
      Elective PaperAny One
      MAE - 105Education for Human Values 2
      MAE - 106Guidenance and Counseling
      MAE - 107Elementary Education
      MAE - 108ICT enabled Education
      Field Study2

  • Semester - II

    • Paper CodePaper Title Credits
      MAE - 201Educational Thoughts: Western Traditions 3
      MAE - 202Contemporary Society and Marginalisation 3
      MAE - 203Personality, Adjustment & Motivation 3
      MAE - 204Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis & Report Writing 3
      Elective PaperAny One
      MAE - 205Futuristic Education Human Right Education 2
      MAE - 206Action Research
      MAE - 207Secondary Education
      MAE - 208
      Field Study2

  • Semester - III
    • Paper CodePaper Title Credits
      MAE - 301Curriculam Development, Pedagogy, Assesment and Evaluation 3
      MAE - 302Educational Policy and Planning: Indian Context
      MAE - 303Comparative Education 3

  • Semester - IV

    • Paper CodePaper Title Credits
      MAE - 401Teacher Education3
      MAE - 402Educational Technology and Innovation3
      MAE - 403Environmental Education3
      Elective PaperAny One
      MAE - 404Childhood and Education Gender and Education 2
      MAE - 405Peace Education
      MAE - 406Globalisation and Education
      MAE - 407
      Field Study2
      MAE - 408Dissertation 3

Dr. H.S. Singh
Associate Professor

Teaching Experience: Years
Research Experience: Years
: :
Dr.Victoria Susan Ijjina
Assistant Professor

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Value Education, Pedagogy of Science, Inclusive Education, Teacher Education, Human Rights, Philosophical and Sociological Foundations of Education

Qualification:M.Sc.(Physics), M.Sc.(Psychology), M.Ed, Ph.D, UGC-NET
Teaching Experience: Years
Research Experience: Years
:+91 - 9441200294
Dr.Sangeeta Chauhan
Assistant Professor

Research Methodology, Measurement & Evaluation, Teacher Education, Educational Administration & Management, Educational Technology

Teaching Experience:11 Years
Research Experience:05 Years
:+91 - 9935266721 :