University Sophisticated Instrumentation Center (USIC)

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The University Grant’s Commission desires that every Central University must have University Instrumentation Centre. The creation of such centre is becoming obligatory for every university for the reasons that the modem day science demands the use of the precision equipments for the acceptability of the data. Such centers on one hand helps stop the duplication of the sophisticated equipments, which costs huge amounts of money and in turn helps in regulating the use of the sanctioned money in most judicious ways. Our university has established USIC with an allocation of Rs. 2.00 crores to start with, which is housed on the ground floor of the School for Environmental Science building. Three precision equipments, viz., Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectrometer (FTIR) of Thermo-Scientific (Nicole 6700); Fast Performance Liquid Chromatograph (FPLC) of GEHealthcare Bio-Science (AKTA 10); and Scanning Electron Microscope of JEOL (JSM 6490 LV).

The FTIR has been supplemented with an accessory called attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) to enhance the use and application of the instrument in a way that with this facility any form of material, i.e., filmy/papery; liquid, including liquids of flammable nature may be studied; rather that its limited use of getting spectra of the solids on the powdered form through making pellet by mixing the same with the KBr under a hydraulic press.

The FPLC (main AKTA 10) has been provided with other accessories which include Sephadex G75, Sephacry1 S-200, Deae Sepharose Fast FL, CM Sepharose fast flow short & long column holders, AKTA user kit etc. to make the facility of broader usage.

The SEM model JSM 6490 is the instrument which may be used both under low & high vacuums depending on the nature of the specimens. Low vacuum with low kV (energy) provides the user the longer duration for scanning the material, the organic specimens, before it is charged. The instrument has been coupled with an optional accessory, viz., EDS 133, EV Dry Detector (INCAx-act) of OXFORD instruments, UK, which has enhanced the application range in a manner that any matal associated with the biological material or in isolation or in the form of alloy may be identified and also quantified. The SEM facility has also been supported with the two important preparatory units, viz., Ion Sputter Coater, of JEOL, Japan (JFC 1600, Auto Fine Coater) and Critical Point Dryer (CPD) Emitech K 850 of Quorum Technology of UK.


The USIC of the University has a Coordinator and an Advisory Committee consisting of all the Professors of the Science Stream Departments.

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Prof. B.C. Yadav

In - charge, University Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre
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