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1. Application format for Child Care Leave   View
2. Application for Casual Leave   View
3. Application for E.L., H.P.L.   View
4. Duty Leave Application for Teachers   View

Guest House

1. Application for stay in the University Guest House   View
2. Rates of the Guest House   View


1. LTC Application Format   View
2. LTC Claim Bill   View


1. Medical Reimbursement Form   View
2. Essentiality Certificates of Medical (Not Admitted in Hospital)   View
3. Essentiality Certificates of Medical (Admitted in Hospital)   View


1. T.A. Bill Proforma   View
2. Proforma for T.A. Bill of experts/examiners   View
3. Bill form for setting papers etc.   View
4. National pension system (NPS) subscriber registration form   View


1. Joining Form   View
2. Life Certificate of Pensioners / Certificate of Non-employment/re-employment   View
3. Form for Family Declaration in respect of LTC/MR /CEA Bills etc.   View
4. Form For Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance   View
5. Form for giving Prior Intimation for acquiring Immovable Property   View
6. Form 1 for Nomination for Retirement Gratuity / Death Gratuity   View
7. Application for Allotment of Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN)   View
8. Proforma for Attending outstation Academic Programme for Teachers   View
9. Application for Festival Advance   View
10. Application for GPF Advance   View
11. Application for Conveyance Allowance   View
12. Application form for purchase of Car/Motor Cycle/Scooter/Moped Advance   View
13. Family Dependent Declaration Format   View
14. Application form for HBA   View
15. GPF Withdrawal Format   View


1. Vehicle Form   View
2. MoU Format   View
3. USIC Proforma for Internal Users   View
4. Indent for gardening and beautification section work   View