About Department

Department of Human Rights conducts post-graduate teaching and research programmes in the areas relating to Human Rights and Law and aims at recommending appropriate measures for enforcing human rights and securing ends of justice through legal and democratic processes. Presently, the department is running Ph.D., LL.M. in Human Rights and BBA LLB (Honors) courses. The total number of students in Ph.D. course on date is 22; LL.M. Course is 30 during the session 2014-15 out of which number of open category students is 15 and students belonging to SC/ST category are 15 and in B.B.A. LL.B. (Hon) which is started from session 2014-15 is 08.

Objectives Of The Department

  • to undertake study of the constitutional, legal, socio-economic and political dynamics of human rights and governance issues in India and the world;

  • to recommend remedies to alleviate human rights violations through legal and democratic processes;

  • to create lawyers professionally competent, technically sound and socially relevant.

  • he academic programmes are designed to analyse the theoretical, empirical and clinical issues concerning law, governance and human rights.

The academic programmes are designed to analyse the theoretical, empirical and clinical issues concerning human rights

Academic Programmes

In Ph.D. course there is a one semester Pre-Ph.D. Research Course Work for the scholars. Besides Research Methodology as a compulsory paper the scholar has to opt one optional paper which also consists of the review of literature, out of five options running in the Department. LL.M. course consists of four semesters spanning in two years. Students have to opt four papers in each semester. These papers cover many local, national regional and global curriculums. The syllabus of LL.M. course has an inter-disciplinary approach. The LL.M. course is in tune with the prime concerns of legal aid, advocacy, social justice, community services and governance.

The students are encouraged to apply their knowledge of the subject in the real life situations. Besides dissertation writing on relevant issues of human rights and law, the students have to present ten seminars (one Mega Seminar based on empirical study) on different topics covering many national regional and global issues of law and human rights as a compulsory part of the course work in the Third Semester. B.B.A. LL.B. (Hon) course consists of ten semesters spanning in five years. The syllabus of B.B.A. LL.B.(H) course is inter-disciplinary in approach. Its objective is to create lawyers professionally competent, technically sound and socially relevant.

Course Name LL.M (Human Rights)
Duration 2 Years (4 Semester)
Intake 30
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Course Name B.B.A. LLB. (Hons)
Duration 5 Years
Intake - -
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  • Semester - I
    • Paper CodePaper Name Max. Marks
      LL.M. 101Jurisprudence & Legal Theory-I 100
      LL.M. 102Constitutional Law of India-I 100
      LL.M. 103Research Methodology 100
      LL.M. 104(A)*Criminal Justice System in India and Human Rights 100
      LL.M. 104(B)*International Law &Human Rights (General Provision) 100
      MPDC-105Remedial Language Course 15
      LL.M.104(A)* and LL.M.104(B)*, one paper is to be opted by the students
  • Semester - II
    • Paper CodePaper Name Max. Marks
      LL.M. 201Judicial Process and Jurisprudence II 100
      LL.M. 202Constitutional Law of India-II 100
      LL.M. 203Law and Social Transformation in India 100
      LL.M. 204 (A)*International Law & Human Rights (Specific Provisions) 100
      LL.M. 204 (B)*Theory & Enforcement of Human Rights 100
      MPDC- 205Moral Studies 15
      LL.M. 204(A)* and LL.M. 204(B)*, one paper is to be opted by the students.

  • Semester - III
    • Paper CodePaper Name Max. Marks
      LL.M. 301Legislation – Principles, Method & Interpretation 100
      LL.M. 302Seminar/Legal Services Extension 100
      LL.M. 303*State, Civil Society & Human Rights in India 100
      LL.M. 304*Constitutional Governance (General Theories) 100
      LL.M. 305*Constitutional Governance (Specific Provisions) 100
      LL.M. 306*International Humanitarian Law 100
      LL.M. 307*Media Law 100
      MPDC- 305Community Service 15
      LL.M. 303* to LL.M.307*, any two papers are to be opted by the students

  • Semester - IV
    • Paper CodePaper NameMax. Marks
      LL.M. 401Dissertation Writing 200 
      LL.M. 402Viva voce100
      LL.M. 403*Law and Basic Needs 100
      LL.M. 404*Right to Information Law100
      LL.M. 405*Women & Human Rights 100
      LL.M. 406*Human Rights Movement and Ideology in India 100
      LL.M. 407*Science, Technology and Human Rights100
      LL.M. 408*International Refugee Law 100
      LL.M. 409*Problem of Access, Governance, Public Participation and Legal Institutions 100
      LL.M. 410*Election Law 100
      MPDC- 405Ambedkar Studies 15
      LL.M.403* to LL.M. 410*, two papers are to be opted by the students

      1. Optional papers marked * are available under choice base credit transfer system subject to the permission of the Head of Department.
      2. MPDC 105, 205, 305 and 405 are compulsory non-audit papers which will be taught between 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
Dr. Rashida Ather
Assistant Professor

International Human Rights Law,International Humanitarian and Refugee Law, Womens and Child Rights

Qualification:M.A. (Human Rights), Ph.D. (Human Rights)
Teaching Experience:Since 20 Nov 2008
Research Experience: 06 years 07 months
:9451070946 :rashidaather.bbau@gmail.com

The Department works under Three Forums for its academic and extension activities and one for alumni activity:
    The department has an Academic Forum with Prof. Priti Saxena, as its Chairperson with Dr. Shashi Kumar Dr. Preeti Misra and Dr. Rashida Ather as members. It is meant for arranging seminars, symposiums, workshops and guest lectures. The Forum is also commemorating various days e.g. Law Day, Human Rights Day, AIDS Day & Women Day, Health Day etc., with students participation through debates and speeches. The Department has organised one National Seminar on October, 13-14, 2014 and co-organised one National Seminar on February, 2, 2015, with School for Legal studies
  • The Department has a Legal Aid Clinic with Prof. Priti Saxena as Chairperson, Prof. S.K. Bhatnagar, Dr. Rashida Ather as its members and Dr. Preeti Misra as Coordinator. Mr. Manobhaw Kaushik, Mr. Ajay Alok Avikal Jaiswal and Ms. Shailja Shukla students have been deputed for working days in the Legal Aid Clinic. The Clinic is affiliated with State Legal Services Authority, Lucknow and District Legal Services Authority. The clinic is engaged in promoting human rights and legal literacy among the cross sections of the society. The clinic makes efforts to get in touch with NGOs working in the area of law and human rights. Department Of Human Rights, organised a Legal Aid Clinic, in Village Aurangabad, Jageera, Lucknow, U.P. on 20th November, 2014.
    The Department has a Wall Magzine Committee with Prof. S.K. Bhatnagar as its Chairperson and Prof. Priti Saxena, Mr Mukesh Bharti Research Scholar, Convenor of Committee, Mr Rajeev Kumar Singh, Mr. Munish Swaroop and Taku Maji Research Scholars and Urooz Fatima, P.G. students as members. The efforts of the Committee is to gather the knowledge from all nooks and corners from the legal experts, D.H.R. teachers and students and at the same time to disseminate the same back to the students for their benefit. The purpose of the wall magazine is to come out with new ideas and theories to improve and to add the knowledge. The contribution to this magazine is presently confined to faculty members, research scholars, and students of the DHR. The matter are displayed in four sections on the Wall Magazine-
  • Publication-The publication of abstracts and Research Papers.
  • Legal Updates-Daily news related to legal issues/ supreme Court judgements published in Newspapers/websites
  • Students’ achievements-information about students winning and participating in various competitions.
  • Information and Guidance- information of career prospects and vacancies in the related field.
    Smriti Latika, a directory which provides a valuable and informative platform for all teachers and students of the department to promote professional links between the department and its alumni. Prof. Priti Saxena, is its Patron, and Mr. Manobhaw Kaushik, Mr. Gaurav Gupta alumni of the department as Editors update the required information, both through print and social media. The Alumni meet of the department is organised on every third Saturday of February each year.

  • It aims at setting up a Center for Socio-Legal Studies to promote the research, documentation, extension, and consultancy services.
  • Department aims to constructively work for ameliorating human rights violations through its Legal Aid Clinic.
  • A Legal Educational Hub is proposed by starting a number of legal,vocational,training institutions for students to develop comprehension in law,justice,governance and human rights through

  • Legal Language Laboratory
  • Advocacy/pleading Skill,
  • Para-legal training,
  • Legal drafting Skill
  • Skill up gradation,
  • Soft skills
  • The Department proposes a Radio Station /Community Radio

  • • To disseminate legal awareness
    • To bring justice at door
  • Preparation of teaching material, printing booklets for public distribution, preparing a database of books, reports and monographs on human rights are among the future activities of the Department.
  • In order to fulfill the needs of human rights law teaching and research in future, the Department proposes to develop a documentation Center with the requisite study materials.
  • The Department proposes to invite eminent academicians and experts on human rights issues to deliver Lectures.
  • The Department is very keen to introduce new specialized courses e.g. Intellectual Property Rights, Criminal Law and Studies on Women Empowerment on the availability of faculty members in the coming years.