Department of Chemistry

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Course Name M.Sc.( Chemistry)
Intake 60

Course Name M.Sc. (Polymer Chemistry)
Intake 20

Course Name M. Phil. (Chemistry)
Intake 20

Course Name Ph. D.( Chemistry)
Intake As per Ph.D. Ordinance

Prof Kaman Singh
Professor & Dean & Head

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Research Experience:    
: :
Dr. Anjani Kumar Tiwari
Associate Professor

Chemical Kinetics, Biomedical Sciences, Neuro-receptor quantification (TSPO/AChE/5-HT), Computer added drug design (CADD) and Medicinal Chemistry, Radio Chemistry

Qualification:M.Sc. ,Ph. D.
Teaching Experience:12 years
Research Experience:15 years
:+91- 91 7503381343
Dr. Jyoti Pandey
Assistant Professor

Development of new synthetic methodologies,Receptor based designing and synthesis of new bioactive molecules,Spectroscopic characterization of various desired and undesired products in organic reactions,Asymmetric synthesis.

Qualification:Ph. D. from J. N. U.(New Delhi)
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Research Experience:     
:09335114736, 08004347520
Dr. Shailesh Kumar
Assistant Professor

Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, Diversity Oriented Synthesis towards drug development, Lead generation and Lead optimization

Qualification:Ph.D. (CDRI, Lucknow)
Teaching Experience:3 Years
Research Experience:1 year as Research scientist (Jubilant Chemsys Ltd., Noida)
Dr. Preeti Gupta
Assistant Professor

Carbohydrate Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

Qualification:Ph. D.
Teaching Experience:1 Year
Research Experience:     

Ph.D. Syllabus

Course work: Each Ph. D student shall be required to undertake course work for one semester. The students shall be required to pass the course work (two papers/courses in all) with minimum B- (minus) grade in each paper/ course failing which their admission will be cancelled. A maximum of two chances shall be permissible for passing each paper within overall duration of two semesters (1 year). The course work shall be treated as pre Ph.D. The course work comprises of following:-

Paper I: Department level course (compulsory): The Research Methodologies/ Philosophy, Review of Research work<
Paper II: Department level course (optional): Every eligible guide of a department shall offer one course related to his/her field of specialization. This course may have a component on reviewing of published research work in the relevant field. Student shall be free to choose one of these courses as per their research interest.
Important points:

  • Duration of Course Work : One Semester (6 Months)
  • Total Marks : 8 Credits (Two papers 4 credit each)
  • Duration of Examination: 4 Hrs. (2 Hrs. for each paper)

1. Paper I: Department level course (Compulsory) : 4 credit
      A. Research Methodology/ Philosophy : 2 credit
      B. Review of Research Work-Seminar : 2 credit
2. Paper II: Elective Units: Subject Course Work: 4 credit
Examination will be held at the end of the Semester.
  Paper   Titlle
  Compulsory   1. Research Methodology/ Review of Research Work
  2. Methods of Data Collection
  3. Standard Protocols for Validation of Methods
  4. Introduction to Computers
  5. Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 Optional Physical Chemistry
1. Colloids and Surfaces
2. Surfactant and Micelles
3. Advanced Surface Chemistry
4. Characterization of Adsorbents and Surface Analysis
 5. Ultrasonics and Sonochemistry
 6. Advanced Electrochemistry
Organic Chemistry
1. Application of Spectroscopic Studies in Chemical Research
 2. How to Synthesize Molecules?
 3. Green Approach Towards Synthesis
 4. Carbohydrate Chemistry
 5. Drug Discovery and Development
 6. Asymmetric Synthesis and New Generation Reagents
 Nanomaterials: Fabrication and Applications
 1. Introduction to Nanotechnology
 2. Physico-Chemical and Biological routes for the Synthesis of Nanomaterials
 3. Characterization of Techniques
 4. Properties of Nanomaterials
 5. Carbon based Nanostructures
 6. Nanopolymers