About Us

About University

It is a residential University. The University is committed to develop as a centre of excellence in the field of higher education.

The uniqueness of University is evident from its basic philosophy, policies and programmes, which are spelt out and enshrined in the University Act and Statutes.

The objectives of the University are:

  1. To promote advanced knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities for integrated courses in Science and key frontier areas of Technology and other allied disciplines;
  2. To offer appropriate courses relevant for the development of socially and educationally depressed section of the people, including agricultural technology and rural crafts;
  3. To promote the study of the principles for which Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar worked during his lifetime, namely, national integration, social justice and democratic way of life, and also study of the Constitution of the World;
  4. To take appropriate measures for promoting innovations in teaching-learning process in inter-disciplinary studies and research; and
  5. To pay special attention to the promotion of educational and economic interests and weldare of the people in general and members belonging to the SC/ST in particular.