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Official Notice

 Subject Date of Uploading
Committee to make the arrangements for celebrating the Foundation Day on 10th Jan, 201519-12-2014
Office Order reg. New Pension Scheme forms for newly recruited19-12-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Pawan Kumar Pandey and Ms. Deepti Singh, SLS18-12-2014
Office Order reg. Probation period confirmation of Shri O.P.Saini18-12-2014
Committee for all types of grievances of the students of the Academic Council17-12-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Bela Turkey Kaushal, DAAS17-12-2014
Committee for construction of temporary shed for indoor sports activity17-12-2014
Committee for making proposal of Fish Chamber/Pond on the Campus17-12-2014
Committee for finalize the processing of E-Tendring.16-12-2014
Office Order reg. to celebrate birthday of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 24th December, 201416-12-2014
राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन संबंधी सूचना भारत सरकार को भेजने के लिए सूचना उपलब्ध कराने के संबंध में।15-12-2014
राजभाषा संबधी भारत सरकार के आदेशो का अनुपालन। 15-12-2014
राजभाषा नियम 1976 एवं राजभाषा अधिनियम 1963 का अनुपालन। 15-12-2014
Prof. S. Victor Babu, Dept. of History I/c Director, CSSE&IP 15-12-2014
Ph.D Viva Voce examination of Mr. Yogendra K. Pandey, DJMC 12-12-2014
Committee to give recommendations for making Botanical Garden 11-12-2014
Information of failed Student persuing UG and PG courses 11-12-2014
Executive Council of BBAU Alumni Association 10-12-2014
Work Order providing Manpower for Online Entrance Examination 09-12-2014
Work Order providing Manpower for Hindi Cell 09-12-2014
Committee for Recruitment & Promotion Rules of the Non-teaching staff 09-12-2014
Circular reg. Knowledge Upgradation Centre for Skilled Human Action and Learning (KUSHAL) 09-12-2014
Office Order reg. appoint as Deans of School of Studies of the University 09-12-2014
University Entrance Examination of Academic Session 2015-16 09-12-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mrs. Alka Shah, Mrs. Alka Singh, Mr. Sandeep Kumar, Dept. of Sociology 09-12-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Sandhya Singh, Dept. of Applied Animal Science 09-12-2014
Dr. Dhirendra Pandey is nominated as Research-cum-Statiscal Officer (RSO) 09-12-2014
Condolence Message 08-12-2014
Work order for the painting Works in the Centeen of the Admistrative block 05-12-2014
Circular reg. procedure for forwarding of applications outside the University of University Employees,Students & Research Scholars 05-12-2014
The first meeting of Board of Under Graduate Studies, Dept. of Human Rights 04-12-2014
Circular reg. No Dues Certificate from the Central Library 04-12-2014
Dr. R. A. Khan will now look all the matters related to University Website portal, automation/wi fi 04-12-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce Examination of Mr. Prem Kumar Gautam, Dept. of Law 04-12-2014
Notice reg. Computer training programme 04-12-2014
Circular reg. Student wise Details statement of Expenditure of UGC- JRF fellowship 04-12-2014
Notice on the occasion of Parinirvan Diwas on 6th December, 2014 03-12-2014
Minutes of the XIth Meeting of the Advisory Committee for SC/ST held on 26/11/2014 03-12-2014
Committee for establishing a Campus Network Interconnecting of all the tender 03-12-2014
Committee to fix the net around Volleyball ground 03-12-2014
Committee to prepare the draft proposal for the creation of Dept. of Sanskrit 03-12-2014
Office Order related to preparation, payment and distribution of electricity bill 03-12-2014
Engagement of Chief Medical Officer on Contract basis 03-12-2014
Notification: End Semester Exams (Jan. 2015) 02-12-2014
Committee to look at the progress of the construction work 02-12-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Deep Chandra, DMCJ & Ms. Krishna Singh, Dept. of Applied Animal Science 02-12-2014
Committee for BRIDGES-2015 organised by the DST Centre on 16-17th Jan., 2015 02-12-2014
Notice reg. Semester Examination 01-12-2014
Committee for finalizing the modality to develop a Question Paper 01-12-2014
Committee for finalization of a standard format of submission of Ph.D Thesis 01-12-2014
Notification reg. 43rd meeting of the Academic Council held on 14/08/2014 01-12-2014
Notification reg. End Semester Examination 01-12-2014
Circular reg. Ph.D Thesis at the time of submission to Examination Section 01-12-2014
Duty Roster of Medical Officer for the Month of December 2014 01-12-2014
Notice reg.to wear Helmet,Identity Card in the University Campus 01-12-2014
Relieving order of Dr. L.C. Mallaiah 29-11-2014
Shri N.K.S. More is nominated as Coordinator, Centre for Personality development 28-11-2014
Dr. B.B. Malik is nominated as Coordinator, RCA in place of Dr. L.C. Mallaiah 28-11-2014
Notification reg. for appointing examiners for practicals, Viva-Voce and Semester Exams 28-11-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Sandhya Singh, Dept. of Applied Animal Science 28-11-2014
Committee of BBAU Alumni Meet - 2014 28-11-2014
Notice reg. Programme Certificate Community College 27-11-2014
University offices shall remain open on 29th November 2014 26-11-2014
Circular reg. functioning of the Paperless University 26-11-2014
No Dues Certificate in respect of Dr. L.C.Mallaiah, Asso Prof. Dept. of Economics 26-11-2014
XIth Meeting of the Advisory Committee for SC/ST held on 26/11/2014 at 11.00 AM 26-11-2014
Schedule of Exam Time Table Dec. 2014, Dept. of Applied Chemistry 26-11-2014
Meeting of the Advisory Committee for SC/ST 25-11-2014
Notification reg.re-designated as JOINT REGISTRAR,Dr.Anil Kumar Pandey 25-11-2014
Mr.Amit Srivastava and Rajesh Kumar eligible for the award of Ph.D degree, DAAS 25-11-2014
Notification reg.Practical Viva Voce and End Semester Examinations 25-11-2014
Circular reg. Xth Advisory Committee for SC/ST held on 18/09/2014 25-11-2014
Circular for Scholarship for the year 2014-15 24-11-2014
Notice reg. Appointment Order Dr.Jai Prakash Pandey 24-11-2014
Recommendation of XIth SC/ST Advisory Committee 21-11-2014
Resolution of 9th SC/ST Advisory Committee to run co-operative mess/messes in hostels 21-11-2014
Office Order reg. resolution of 9th SC/ST Advisory Committee held on 14/08/2014 21-11-2014
Office Order reg. preparing and printing of Annual Report for the year 2013-14 21-11-2014
Office Order reg.To appoint the Heads of the Departments 20-11-2014
Notice reg. Advisory Committee for SC/ST is scheduled to be held on 26/11/2014 20-11-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce Examination of Mr. Pawan Kamar Pandey, Dept. of Law 20-11-2014
Exam Time Table, December 2014, Dept. of Applied Chemistry 20-11-2014
Circular reg. functioning of the paperless office 19-11-2014
Office Order reg. additional charge of Academic Section to Dr. A.K. Pandey, Deputy Registrar 19-11-2014
Committee for related to Adoption of uniform Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) 19-11-2014
Minutes of the meeting of the Central for Personality Development 18-11-2014
Committee for formulating the rules and regulations related to Employee Welfare Scheme 18-11-2014
Committee to look into the matter of submission of report on saksham 18-11-2014
Meeting of the Departmental Promotion Committee in respect of Drivers 18-11-2014
Notification reg. Expression of Interest (EOI) for Empanelment of Architect Consultants 18-11-2014
Notification reg. Board of Under-Graduate Studies Department of Human Rights 18-11-2014
Circular reg. Post Matrics Scholorship under "Zero Fees Scheme" for the year 2014-15 18-11-2014
Notification reg. resolution of Academic Council passed in its 41 meeting 18-11-2014
Circular reg. Choice Based Credit System 17-11-2014
Circular reg.information for Identity Card of Students 17-11-2014
Dr. Kamal Jaiswal, Associate Professor, DAAS, as Director Public Relations 14-11-2014
Notice reg. food stall during "Junoon - E- Lucknow" on 26th to 28th Nov., 2014 14-11-2014
Notice reg. discussion on the topic "Shikshit Bharat, Saksham Bharat" 14-11-2014
Departmental Research Committee of the Department of Applied Chemistry 14-11-2014
Committee for National Social Science Conference on 16-17 Dec., 2014 14-11-2014
Circular reg. Examination forms latest by 28/11/2014 14-11-2014
Office Order reg. name/designation plates 14-11-2014
Notice reg. the End term Examination of MPDC-105-Rmedial Course- English 13-11-2014
Notice reg.Departmental Research Committee of the DAM 13-11-2014
Ph.D.thesis of Mr. Suhel Ahmad Khan, Dept. of IT, Mr. Jitendra Nath Singh & Mr.Vishal Vema, Dept. of Computer Science 13-11-2014
Notice reg.opening of tender for supply of manpower on 18/11/2014 13-11-2014
Notice reg."Shikshit Bharat, Saksham Bharat- Quality education for all" 13-11-2014
Health camp is to be organised free Blood Sugar and Haemoglobin estimation at Health Centre 12-11-2014
Notice reg. University organising Youth Fest "Junoon-E-Lucknow" 12-11-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce Examination of Ms. Deepti Singh, Dept. of Law is scheduled on 13/11/2014 11-11-2014
Notice reg. "Earn While you Learn" 11-11-2014
No dues certificate in respect of Shri Shahnawaz Khan, Junior Engineer 11-11-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Abin Ojha, Dept. of Sociology 11-11-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Narendra Pal Singh, Dept. of Sociology 11-11-2014
Circular reg. 7th National Education Day on 11 November, 2014 10-11-2014
Dept. of IT is offering 01 Open Credit Paper in each Semesters 10-11-2014
Notification: End Semester Exams (Dec. 2014) 10-11-2014
Circular for Scholarship 10-11-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Krishna Singh, DAAS 10-11-2014
Office Order reg. Housing Society 10-11-2014
45th Meeting of Academic Council 10-11-2014
Work Order for providing Manpower to the University on contract basis 10-11-2014
Minutes of the Xth Meeting of the Advisory Committee held on 18 Sep., 2014 10-11-2014
BBAU Alumni Meet 2014 10-11-2014
Notice reg.Choice Based Credit System for Department of Library and information Science 10-11-2014
Notice reg. meeting of the DRC to be held on 18/11/2014 at 10:30 am 10-11-2014
Notice reg. Shikshit Bharat, Saksham Bharat 10-11-2014
Notice reg. Meeting of the Investment and Monitoring Committee to be held on 11/11/2014 07-11-2014
Office Order reg. report of Security Section 07-11-2014
Dr. Manish Kumar Verma has been nominated as the Member Convener for Sports Events 05-11-2014
Office Order reg. pay fixation in respect of Shri Krishna Pal to the post of LDC from MTS 05-11-2014
Circular reg. GPF/CPF ledger cards for the financial year 2013-14 03-11-2014
Office Memorandum 03-11-2014
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