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Official Notice

 Subject Date of Uploading
Nomination of Members of Finance Committee 24-04-2014
Minutes of the VC with the Chairman of NAAC Progress Monitoring Committee 24-04-2014
Notification reg. Ph.D thesis of Mr. Manoj Kumar, Dept. of Biotechnology 24-04-2014
Office Order reg. increment of Dr. Anis Ahmad Asst. Professor, Dept. of Law, SLS 23-04-2014
Training on FILE TRACKING SYSTEM 23-04-2014
राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति के नामित पदाधिकारी  22-04-2014
Horticultural produce is ready for sale 22-04-2014
No Dues Certificate in favour of Shri D. Jayablachandran 21-04-2014
Committee for starting Innovative course in nuclear Medicine 21-04-2014
Departmental Research Committee of Dept. of Law 17-04-2014
Notice reg. Horticulture produce sale on payment basis 17-04-2014
Departmental Promotion Smt. Alambusha Tripathi to the post of Senior Assistant 17-04-2014
Committee to look into the grievances of the Non Teaching Staff 16-04-2014
Notification reg. Ph.D thesis of Ph.D Scholars from different departments 16-04-2014
Departmental Promotion Committee to be held on 16/04/2014 at 11.30 a.m. 15-04-2014
Office Order reg. Appointment of warden 14-04-2014
University will open on 14th April, 2014 11-04-2014
Election cum Polling Team of the Staff Club held on 14 March, 2014 at 02:30 pm 11-04-2014
Ph.D Viva-voce examination of Mr. Surendra Kumar Rai, DHR 11-04-2014
Ambedkar Jayanti function on 14th April, 2014 ( Monday ) 10-04-2014
Office Order reg. probation period of Shri Govind Bhushan Madhukar, MTS 10-04-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Ashwani Kumar, Dept. of Library and Information Science 09-04-2014
Committee to finalize the furniture on dias of auditorium 09-04-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Aparna Singh, Dept. of Law 09-04-2014
Committee to consider the Emergent/Time Barred cases of Medical Claims 07-04-2014
Work order providing Manpower for Chairman, ( NAAC ) Office 07-04-2014
Community services scheme is resheduled to 10th April instead of 9th April 07-04-2014
Pre Ph.D Seminar of Mr. Ashok Kumar, DAPS (Horticulture) 07-04-2014
Eligible for the award of Ph.D degree of Mr. Ali Mahmood Yahya Dept. of Law 07-04-2014
Notice reg. Departmental promotion examination for Senior Assistant 04-04-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Mr. Preeti Tripathi, Dept. of Env. Science 04-04-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Dept. of Human Rights 04-04-2014
NAAC team visit 2014 02-04-2014
Notice reg. Horticulture produce is ready for sale 02-04-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Mr. Ali Mahmood Yahya, Dept. of Law 02-04-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Research Scholars from different departments 01-04-2014
Prof. Shiv Kumar Sarin, Director, Institute of Liver & Billary Sciences, New Delhi 01-04-2014
Committee to consider the case of teachers under CAS 01-04-2014
Notification reg. materials uploading on University Website  31-03-2014
Office order reg. closing of financial year of 2013-14 31-03-2014
Committee for finalization and recommendation of contractor for providing manpower 31-03-2014
Notice reg. open Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Mr. Ashwani Kumar, DLISc. 31-03-2014
Information of Dropout Students at PG & Ph.D level 31-03-2014
Office order reg. work duration of gardener 28-03-2014
Circular reg. Academic calender during financial year 2014-15 28-03-2014
Committee will evaluate posters put-up during Lucknow Science Congress 28-03-2014
Office Order reg. Residential Accommodation allotment committee 27-03-2014
Office Order reg. expenditure 25-03-2014
Office Order reg. administrative & financial concurrence  25-03-2014
Committee for finalization of the BBAU logo 25-03-2014
Technical & Purchase Committee for Hospital Appliances for the Health Centre 25-03-2014
Circular reg. APAR and SAR 25-03-2014
Work order providing Manpower for Legal Cell in the University 25-03-2014
Schedule of Election of the office-bearers of the Staff Club - 2014 24-03-2014
Circular reg. news relating to media personnel 24-03-2014
Coordinators/Director of Contemporary and Innovative Courses 2014-15 24-03-2014
Committee for evaluating the merit of entries & judging 24-03-2014
Committee for Academic Restucturing of School/Departments 21-03-2014
Meeting of all the research scholars on today 21/03/2014 at 3.00pm 21-03-2014
Notice reg. to look into the grievances of the faculty members 20-03-2014
Notice reg. recommendation for the books and e-books 20-03-2014
Circular reg. Research Project on 27/03/2014 during Second Lucknow Science Congress 14-03-2014
Work order for providing manpower for File Tracking System 14-03-2014
Notification reg. Ph.D thesis of Ms. Preeti Yadav, Ph.D Scholar, DAPS (Horticulture) 14-03-2014
Committee to look into the provisions of MOU 13-03-2014
Office Order reg. Function/Seminar in the SES building 12-03-2014
Notice reg. election of office bearers of University Staff Club 12-03-2014
Office Order to assigned the duties of Faculty members/Officers 12-03-2014
Committee for the physical verification of furniture 12-03-2014
Office Order reg. preparation for NAAC, Dr. Deepa Hansraj Dwivedi, Head, DAPS 11-03-2014
Award ceremony of the Annual Sports-2014 11-03-2014
Order reg. annual increment of pay 11-03-2014
Minutes of Meeting of 5th March, 2014 11-03-2014
Teaching Roster 11-03-2014
Office Order reg. no teaching work during 12-13 March, 2014 11-03-2014
Annual Sports-2014 11-03-2014
Annual Sports - 2014, Basket Ball Team (School Wise) 11-03-2014
Committee to open tender document for Printing of File Envelope 11-03-2014
Work order providing Manpower for Gardening & Beautification Section 11-03-2014
Committee to look into the grievences of the faculty members 11-03-2014
Annual Sports 2014, Badminton Singles and Doubles (Boys & Girls) 11-03-2014
Committee for the Mess Tender on 13/03/2014 11-03-2014
Internal Complaint Committee is scheduled on 11/03/2014 at 2.00 pm 10-03-2014
Notice reg. Annual Sports Section 2014 10-03-2014
38th meeting of Academic Council 10-03-2014
Circular reg. Academic Council meeting 10-03-2014
Organizing Committee on 24th-25th March 2014 10-03-2014
Notice reg. Bus facility in the University 07-03-2014
Notification reg. election of office bearers of University Staff Club 07-03-2014
अभिज्ञान 2014 स्मारिका : फल शाक भाजी एवं पुष्प प्रदर्शनी  06-03-2014
Notice reg. open Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Research Scholar, DLISc. 06-03-2014
Ms. Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship 2014-15 06-03-2014
Committee to finalize the proposed in the space allotted, DAC 06-03-2014
Notice reg. sale of Carrot, DAPS (Horticulture) 06-03-2014
Notice for Annual Sports 2014 (12- 13 March) 05-03-2014
One day workshop on 7th March, 2014, Dept. of Env. Science 05-03-2014
Notice for all Student and Research Scholars to attend the Technical Session 05-03-2014
Committee for Purchase of Coffee Vending Machine 05-03-2014
Ph.D viva-voce examination of Research Scholar, Dept. of Env. Science 05-03-2014
Notice reg. Horticulture produce sale 05-03-2014
Committee to carry out the task of Broadcasting of Admission Notice 2014 04-03-2014
Circular to related classes, laboratory and workshops of B.Tech programmes 04-03-2014
Teaching Roster 04-03-2014
Notice reg. Horticulture produce sale 03-03-2014

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