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Official Notice

 Subject Date of Uploading
Dept. of Applied Chemistry is offering 06 ( Six) optional papers  22-08-2014
Notice reg. Provide the tabulation and merit list  22-08-2014
DAPS (Horticulture) organise a Special Lecture Series on 25th August 2014 at 2.30 p.m.  22-08-2014
Meeting of all Dean/Heads/Coordinators under chairmanship of VC  22-08-2014
Ph.D Viva Voce examination of Mr. Bed Prakash, Dept. of Mass Communication  21-08-2014
Dept. of Applied Physics is offering 07 (Seven) optional papers  21-08-2014
Work order providing Manpower for Dept. of Rural Management  21-08-2014
Work order providing Manpower for USIC, Gardening and Beautification Section & Health Centre  21-08-2014
Office Order reg. Children Education Allowance  21-08-2014
Circular reg. fellowships  20-08-2014
Ph.D thesis of Ms. Neha Nigam, Dept. of Mass Communication & Journalism  20-08-2014
Dept. of Applied Plant Science is offering 08 optional papers  20-08-2014
National/International Conference is scheduled for the financial year 2014-15  20-08-2014
Dr. Deepa Raj, Asst. Prof. DCS appointed as Warden of Chitralekha Girls Hostel  19-08-2014
Circular reg. tender documents received by the university  19-08-2014
Notice reg. "Earn while you learn"  19-08-2014
Dept. of Applied Statistics is offering 07 optional papers  14-08-2014
Workshop on Weka data Mining Tool for data Analysis during 6th sept. 2014  14-08-2014
Dr. Sanjay Dwivedi, Head, DCS as Nodal Officer of the University  14-08-2014
Sports event on the occasion of Independence Day 15/08/2014 at 09.30 am  14-08-2014
Committee to purchase of plumbing goods under provision of GFR-146  13-08-2014
Remedial Course offered Functional English from the current session ( 2014-15 )  13-08-2014
Condolence Message  13-08-2014
Department of HDFS offering 03 optional papers & FST offering 4 optional papers  12-08-2014
Department of Human Rights is offering 16 (Sixteen) optional papers  12-08-2014
Committee to purchase uniform  12-08-2014
43rd Emergent Meeting of Academic Council  12-08-2014
Notice regarding Independence Day celebration  11-08-2014
IXth Meeting of the Advisory Committee for SC/ST on 14.8.2014  11-08-2014
Circular reg. File should be kept in concerned offices  08-08-2014
Circular for SC/ST students in emergent cases  08-08-2014
Ms. Rajshree has been nominated as Coordinator for updation of Hyperlink of SC/ST Cell on Website of BBAU  08-08-2014
Prof. K.L.Mahawar has been authorized the scheme of "Earn While You Learn"  08-08-2014
Dr. L. C. Mallaiah Coordinator of Personality Development Centre for SC/ST Students  08-08-2014
Office Order reg. Resignation of Dr. Rashi Krishna, Asst. Prof., DRM  08-08-2014
Committee to bring in decentralization and participatory governance  08-08-2014
Duty Chart of Doctors  08-08-2014
Notification reg. processing of admission in each course  08-08-2014
No Dues Certificate in favour of Dr. Rashi Krishna Sinha, Asst. Prof., DRM  08-08-2014
Circular reg. payment of UGC ( Non-NET ) fellowship  07-08-2014
No Dues Certificate in favour of Shri Shaik Mahaboob-Basha, Asst. Prof., History  07-08-2014
Committee to consider the case of the teachers under CAS  07-08-2014
Committee to bring in decentralization and make participatory governance  06-08-2014
Dr. B.B.Malik has been nominated as the member of the Board of Management  06-08-2014
Extended date reg. submit the proof of qualifying examination  06-08-2014
Citation of the theses  06-08-2014
Circular reg. selection of teaching guest faculty  06-08-2014
Committee for condemnation of the old items  06-08-2014
Committee to look into the proposal for setting up of Equal Opportunity Office  05-08-2014
Committee to look into the matter of (1) Implementation of SCSP and TSP  05-08-2014
Minutes of the VIIIth meeting of the SC/ST Advisory Committee  05-08-2014
Notification to nominate faculty members to take care of the compulsory subjects  05-08-2014
Shri Anand Kumar Maurya, Asst. Registrar to the post of Deputy Registrar  04-08-2014
Meeting of the DPC to be held on 04/08/2014 at 04.00 pm  04-08-2014
Membership of the Central Library  01-08-2014
Minute to minute programme for visit of Chancellor  31-07-2014
R&P Rules Committee is scheduled to be held on 31st July 2014 at 02.00 pm  31-07-2014
Smt. Rajshree, Asst. Prof. appointed as Nodal Officer of Grievance Redressal Cell  31-07-2014
Committees regarding Chancellor visit  28-07-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Miss Neha Nigam, Dept. of MCJ  28-07-2014
Ph.D viva voce exam of Ms. Sandhya Singh has been postponed  28-07-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Mukesh Babu, DAPS (Horticulture)  28-07-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Vinit Kumar, Dept. of Economics & Mr. Ravi Suryanvanshi, Dept. of Mass Communication and Journalism  26-07-2014
Committee to look into the grievances of the Faculty Members  26-07-2014
Dr. L.C. Mallaiah appointed as Coordinator of Remedial Coaching Programme  26-07-2014
Corrigendum vide notification no. 827/BBAU/14 dated 11/07/2014  26-07-2014
Annual increment as per GOI in respect of Group A, B, C officers/officials  26-07-2014
Annual increment of Faculty Member  24-07-2014
Details of annual increment for CSSEIP employees  24-07-2014
Office Order reg. Bar Council of India inspection Committee  24-07-2014
Ph.D thesis of Ms. Sadhana Verma, SBBT, Dept. of Biotechnology  24-07-2014
Shri Krishna Bihari Lal Srivastava is pleased to promote LDC to the post of UDC  23-07-2014
VIIIth Meeting of the Advisory Committee for SC/ST is re-sheduled on 30/07/2014  23-07-2014
Office Order regarding lying of files  23-07-2014
Committee for University Grants Commission on 24th July 2014 23-07-2014
Committee for remuneration of M.Pharma dissertation evaluations  23-07-2014
Meeting schedule of Non Teaching Officials to be held on 23/07/2014  22-07-2014
All teaching/non-teaching/contractual staff of the University to wear I.D.Card  22-07-2014
सोशल मीडिया के प्रयोग में राजभाषा हिन्दी का प्रयोग अनिवार्य किये जाने के संबंध में।  22-07-2014
Committee to look into matter of regularisation of Daily Paid Workers  22-07-2014
Committee to consider the case of the teachers under CAS  22-07-2014
Office order in favour of Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dept. of Law  21-07-2014
Departmental Promotion Committee for Group C post/cadre  21-07-2014
Committee to finalize and suggest the requirement of Laboratories and workshop for B.Tech programme  21-07-2014
Appointment of Head & Coordinator for the concerned Departments  21-07-2014
Faculty are placed in Stage-2 from Stage-1 under career advancement scheme  21-07-2014
Notification reg. allotment of houses  21-07-2014
Meeting regarding grievances of Teaching and Non-Teaching staff  21-07-2014
Advisory Committee for SC/ST to be held on 24/07/2014  18-07-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce Examination of Mr. Mukesh Babu, DAPS ( Horticulture )  18-07-2014
Committee for proof reading and finalization of text of Self Study Report  18-07-2014
Committee to finalize the dress code for B.Tech students  18-07-2014
Ph.D thesis of Ms. Sweta Jaiswal, Dept. of Applied Animal Science  17-07-2014
No Dues Certificate in favour of Shri Rajkaran Prajapati  17-07-2014
Meeting reg. grievances of Faculty members  17-07-2014
Committee for appointment of visiting Professor and Emeritus Professor  15-07-2014
Detail of PG & New Courses Student enrolment for the year 2014-15  15-07-2014
Departmental Research Committee of Dept. of Law  15-07-2014
Additional charge of COE, Prof. Kameshwar Chaudhary, Dept. of Sociology  14-07-2014
Meeting reg. feasibility of running new courses from the academic session 2014-15  14-07-2014
Committee to look into the feasibility of running new courses  14-07-2014
Committee for Indian Social Science Congress on 27th to 31th Dec. 2014  11-07-2014
Meeting of the Departmental Promotion Committee on 21/07/2014  11-07-2014
Work Order providing Manpower for DPR Office in the University  11-07-2014
Notification of the Staff members (both Teaching & Non Teaching)  11-07-2014
Committee for appointment of visiting Professor and Emeritus Professor  11-07-2014
2nd meeting for formulation of the Syllabus for remedial Courses in English and Hindi  10-07-2014
42nd Meeting of Academic Council  10-07-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Vinit Kumar, Dept. of Economics & Ms. Rubee Lata, DAPS  10-07-2014
Committee to look into the feasibility of running new courses  10-07-2014
Transfer Order of officials  09-07-2014
Circular reg. workshop/Conference/Seminar of the University  09-07-2014
Committee for reviewing the Master Plan of the Campus on 22/07/2014 at 3.00 pm  09-07-2014
अन्तर्राष्ट्र-स्तरीय शोध-पत्रिका साहित्यावलोकन के अगले अंक संबंधी  08-07-2014
Committee for recommendation of Honorarium to the Coordinators & others  08-07-2014
Ph.D thesis of Ms. Priyanka Singh, DAPS and Mr. Amit Kumar Singh, DAAS  08-07-2014
Meeting of grievance of non teaching on 08/07/14 at 12.00 noon  07-07-2014
Office Order reg. SC/ST Advisory Committee  07-07-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Sadhana Verma, DBT  07-07-2014
Relieving of Prof. B.S. Bhadauria, Dept. of Applied Mathmetics,  04-07-2014
Molecular Modelling and Computational Techniques course for Ph.D Students  04-07-2014
Ph.D Thesis of Ms. Ritu Singh, Dept. of Environmental Science  04-07-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Sweta Jaiswal, DAAS  04-07-2014
Work Order Providing Manpower in the University  04-07-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce examination of Ms. Sandhya Singh, DAAS  03-07-2014
Transfer Order of Section Officer  03-07-2014
Ms. Priyanka Singh, Mr. Amit Kumar Singh eligible for the award of Ph.D degree  02-07-2014
Transfer Order of Officers/Officials  02-07-2014
Office Order reg. Letter of consent to be signed by the Coordinators  02-07-2014
Standing Committee on Social Justice & Empowerment  02-07-2014
Committee to review the preparation for 12th Five Year Plan  02-07-2014
Office Order reg. Aadhar Card  01-07-2014
Ph.D thesis of Mr. Dhiraj Kumar, Ms. Seema Chauhan, Mr. Virendra Mathur, DAAS  01-07-2014
Dr. Gajanan Pandey, Associate Prof. nominated as Coordinator, DAC  01-07-2014
Office Order reg. relieving from the post of Professor, DAC  01-07-2014
Ph.D Viva-Voce Examination of Ms. Rubee Lata, DAPS (Horticulture)  01-07-2014
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