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Functions of COE Office

(Entrance Examinations and End Semester Examinations)

  1. Pre-Examination
    • Issue of Notification for examinations
    • Inviting Panel of Examiners for Question paper setting
    • Finalisation of Examiners
    • Setting/moderation/printing of Question papers
    • Sending/receipt of Examination forms
    • Allotment of Enrolment and Roll Numbers
    • Printing of Answer books/Stationary for examinations
  2. During Examination
    • Sending/Supply of Question papers to concerned Deans
    • Supply of Answer books
  3. Post-Examination
    • Verification of Results received from Deans
    • Declaration of Result and issue of Result Notification through OLT Software
    • Tabulation/Entry of Grades in Grade registers
    • Preparation and Issue of Gradesheets
    • To resolve the issues related Unfair means
    • Convene the meetings of Examination Committee

Convocation Cell

  • Issue of Notification for Convocation
  • Receipt of Consent for attending Convocation
  • Constitution of various committees for Convocation
  • Preparation/finalisation of list of Students to whom degrees to be conferred
  • Preparation of list of Gold medalists
  • Printing and distribution of Degree certificates
  • Printing and distribution of Topper certificate
  • Preparation and distribution of Gold Medals

Certificates and their Verification

  • Issue of Provisional Degree Certificate
  • Issue of Migration Certificate
  • Issue of First Rank Certificate
  • Issue of Duplicate Gradesheets/Certificates
  • Issue of Special Certificates
  • Verification of Certificates/gradesheets
  • Issue of Ph.D. Course Work Certificate
  • Issue of Ph.D. Submission Certificate
  • Issue of Ph.D. Award Notification

Ph.D. Cell

  • Submission of Ph.D. Thesis
  • Issue of Ph.D. Submission certificate and Ph.D. Coursework certificate.
  • Evaluation process of Ph.D. Thesis
  • Appointment of external examiner for conduct of Viva-Voce examination
  • Convene the meeting of Research Degree Committee of the University
  • Notification for Award of Ph.D. Degree.
  • Issue of Certificate regarding fulfillment of Ten criteria as per UGC (Minimum Standard and Procedure for Award of M.Phil/Ph.D. Degree) Regulations, 2009

Details of Ph.D. Awarded
Awarded during 1st to 5th Convocation

Calendar Year No. of Ph.D. Degree Awarded
2009 18
2010 15
2011 10
2012 10
2013 21
2014 71
2015 (up to 02.02.2015) 76
Total 221

Details of PG Diploma/Degree
Awarded during 1st to 5th Convocation

Calendar Year No. of Ph.D. Degree Awarded
First 683
Second 144
Third 374
Fourth 744
Fifth 1138
Total 3083
* PG Diploma, MA, MSc, MCA, MMCJ, LLM, MBA, M.Phil.