Dept of Zoology

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Head of the Department

Prof. Kamal Jaiswal

 Phone: 9415109611,

Department of Zoology comes under school Life Sciences. The Department runs a Post Graduate and Under Graduate degree, in M.Sc. Zoology, M.Sc. Life Sciences and B.Voc. with three specializations viz., Sericulture, Fisheries, Apiculture, Pearl Culture, Prawn Culture,Livestock Production and Parasitology. The main aim of the department is to impart training to students by which they can become self-employable and attain the heights of success in future. In India, Sericulture and Fisheries have been developed as agro-based industries with a vast potential to the rural economy. These areas generate employment opportunities as given below:

  1. Direct employment through mulberry cultivation, nursery management, silkworm rearing and cocoon production.
  2. Indirect employment through Silk rearing, twisting, warping, dying and weaving.
  3. Generation of employment and revenue through inland fish culture.

In addition, the curriculum of M.Sc. Zoology includes general papers such as Biochemistry and Development Biology and Tools and Techniques in Biology which provides an ample knowledge in the domain of Life Sciences. The Department has well equipped research laboratory as well as silkworm rearing and reeling unit and offers Ph.D. Programme in the field of Sericulture, Fisheries, Parasitology, Animal Behaviour and Conservation Biology