Dept of CS
Research and Extension in Computer Science

The Ph.D. Programme offered by the Department focuses on contemporary and versatile areas in the core field of Computer Science

  • AI & Web Mining – Web content mining, query disambiguation, WSD, Machine translation specially in Indian languages
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing - 3D reconstruction, Watermarking, Image Compression, Medical Imaging, Pattern Recognition
  • Computer Graphics – Image Modeling, Animation etc.
  • Networks & Cloud Computing – Cloud computing for minimizing power loss, Virtual Machine Migration, Evaluation and performance of different type of models, QoS parameters.
  • Modeling and Software Engineering – UML and Object Oriented based Modeling.
      • Name of Scholar Name of Department Name of Guides Title of the Thesis Year of Registration Year of Award
        Ajay Kumar Bharti DCS Prof.
        S. K. Dwivedi
        Systematic Study, Analysis and Design of e-governance Model for Public Transportation in India 2008 2014
        Jitendra Nath Singh DCS Prof.
        S. K. Dwivedi
        Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Search Engines using Vector Space Model 2009 2014
        Pramood P. Sukhadeve DCS Prof.
        S. K. Dwivedi
        Rule Based Machine Translation System in Medical Domain: Homoepathy 2009 2015
        Vaishali Singh DCS Prof.
        S. K. Dwivedi
        Personalized Question Answering System Based on IR and Query Reformation 2011 2017
        Ganesh Chandra DCS Prof.
        S. K. Dwivedi
        Applying Query Expansion in Cross Lingual IR (Hindi-English) for Relevancy Improvement 2013 2018
        Chandrakala Arya DCS Prof.
        S. K. Dwivedi
        Supervised Text Classification for News filtering and Summarization on the Web 2013 2019
        Bhupesh Rawat DCS Prof.
        S. K. Dwivedi
        Integrated Semantric Web Usage Mining with fuzzy Technique to Improve Accuracy of Recommendation System 2014 2019
        Nimesh Mishra DCS Prof. Vipin Saxena Performance Estimation of Distributed Computing Network Through UML 2009 2014
        Taskeen Zaidi DCS Prof. Vipin Saxena UML Modeling for the Distributed Computing Systems 2011 2014
        Vishal Verma DCS Prof. Vipin Saxena Data Mining applications Through UML 2009 2014
        Wasiur Rhmann DCS Prof. Vipin Saxena A Study And Analysis for Test Case Ceneration And PrioritizationTechniques For UML Models 2013 2018
        Rashmi Singh DCS Prof. Vipin Saxena A Study and Implementation of Fuzzy Cryptographical Techniques Across Distributed Network 2013 2018
        Kamlesh Kumar Verma DCS Prof. Vipin Saxena Minimization Techniques for Energy Consumption across the Distributed Computing Network 2013 2018
        Seema Gupta DCS Dr. Deepa Raj Adaptive Lossless Dictionary based Compression 2013 2017
        Pushpa Memoria DCS Dr. Deepa Raj A Study and Comparative Analysis of Various Image Enhancement Techniques 2014 2018
        Manoj Diwakar DCS Dr. Manoj Kumar A Noise Reduction based Computer Tomography Image Enhancement 2013 2017
        Smita Agrawal DCS Dr. Manoj Kumar Securing Images Through Reversible Data Hiding 2013 2017
        Ankita Vaish DCS Dr. Manoj Kumar An Efficient Compression of Images In Various Aspects 2013 2018
        Sonam DCS Dr. Manoj Kumar Fusion Based Image Quality Enhancement 2013 2018
        Vishal Verma DCS Dr. Narander Kumar An Analytical Study on Scalable and Adaptive Resource Management Techniques in Cloud Computing Environment 2009 2014
        Shalini Agarwal DCS Dr. Narander Kumar An Adaptive QoS - Based Dynamic Resource management in Cloud Computing Systems 2012 2015
        Swati Saxena DCS Dr. Narander Kumar An Adaptive QoS - Based Dynamic Resource management in Cloud Computing Systems 2013 2019
        Priyanka Chaudhary DCS Dr. Narander Kumar Analysis and Design Of Security Management techniques In Cyber Environment 2013 2018
      Name of Scholar Name of Supervisor SEX M/F/T Registration No. Date of Registration
      Surender Kumar Dr. Narander Kumar M 269/10 3/18/2016
      Jitendra Kumar Samriya Dr. Narander Kumar M 1387/16 11/7/2016
      Bably Dolly Dr. Deepa Raj F 1415/16 11/7/2016
      Neetish Kumar Dr. Deepa Raj M 1389/16 11/2/2016
      Sachin Sahu Prof. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi M 0940/06 11/4/2016
      Snehlata Prof. Vipin Saxena F 1391/16 11/3/2016
      Jaydip Kumar Prof. Vipin Saxena M 732/18 8/27/2018
      Ankita Srivastava Dr. Narander Kumar F 733/18 8/29/2018
      Ruchi Agarwal Dr. Manoj Kumar F 622/13 8/28/2018
      Anshu Gupta Dr. Deepa Raj M 1087/17 6/1/2018
      Dilip Kumar Dr. Manoj Kumar M 1086/17 6/1/2018
      Richa Verma Dr. Shalini Chandra F 1305/15 5/29/2018
      Banshi Dhar Choudhary Prof. Vipin Saxena M 1534/19 8/29/2019
      Arvind Prasad Dr. Shalini Chandra M 1529/19 8/28/2019
      Pawan Kumar Prof. Vipin Saxena M 737/13 8/28/2019
      Rashmi Dixit Prof. Sanjay Kumar Dwivedi F 321/16 9/3/2019