BBAU Admission 2018


** If the seats are not filled because of the strict adherence with the prescribed Cut-Off Marks (20% of the Maximum Marks of Entrance Test for General Category Candidates and 15% of the Maximum Marks of Entrance Test for SC/ST Category Candidates), the Cut-Off Marks shall be relaxed by the concerned Department.

** Counselling dates will be announced soon.


Sr. No. 

Courses Name


Counselling Details

1 B. Com. (Hons.) ViewView
2 B. Ed ViewView
3 B. Sc (Food Science and Technology) (Satellite Campus Amethi) ViewView
4 B. Sc (Information Technology) (Satellite Campus Amethi) ViewView
5 B. Voc (Floriculture and Landscape Gardening) ViewN/A
6 B.A. (Hons.)Public Administration ViewViewII Wait List
7 B.C.A. (Satellite Campus Amethi) ViewView
8 B.Com (Satellite Campus Amethi) ViewView
9 B.Tech ViewN/A
10 Bachelor Of Library & Information Science (B.Lib.I.Sc.) ViewView
11 BBA ViewView
12 BBA LLB (H) ViewView
13 Diploma In Dietetics & Nutrition ViewView
14 Integrated B. Sc (Hons)-M. Sc. Applied Geology ViewView
15 Integrated B.A. & M.A. in Social Science (Satellite Campus Amethi) ViewView
16 Integrated B.Sc.-M. Sc. Basic Sciences ViewView
17 LL.M. (Law) ViewView
18 LL.M. (Human Right) ViewView
19 M. A. (Hindi) ViewView
20 M. Pharm. ViewView
21 M. Phil (Economics) ViewN/A
22 M. Phil (Education) ViewView
23 M. Phil (Management) ViewN/A
24 M. Phil (Sociology) ViewView
25 M. Phil (Statistics) ViewView
26 M. Phil. (Journalism and Mass Communication) ViewView
27 M. Phil. (Lib.I.Sc) ViewView
28 M. Phil. (Physics) ViewN/A
29 M. Sc. (Mathematics) ViewView
30 M. Sc. (Physics) ViewView
31 M. Tech (Computer Science) ViewView
32 M. Tech. (Software Engineering) ViewView
33 M.A. (Education) ViewView
34 M.A. (History) ViewView
35 M.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication) ViewView
36 M.A. (Political Science) ViewView
37 M.A. (Public Administration) ViewView
38 M.A. (Economics) ViewView
39 M.A. (Sociology) ViewView
40 M.Sc. (Ag.) Horticulture ViewView
41 M.Sc. (Biotechnology) ViewView
42 M.Sc. (Brain & Cognition Sciences) ViewView
43 M.Sc. (Chemistry) ViewView
44 M.Sc. (Environmental Microbiology) ViewView
45 M.Sc. (Food Science and Technology ) ViewView
46 M.Sc. (Forensic Science & Criminology) ViewView
47 M.Sc. (Human Development & Family Studies) ViewView
48 M.Sc. (Industrial Microbiology) ViewView
49 M.Sc. (Life Science) ViewView
50 M.Sc. Cyber Security (Evening)/ M.Sc. Cyber Security (Evening) (Lateral Entry to third semester) ViewView
51 M.Sc. ( Statistics) ViewViewII Counselling View
52 M.Sc. (Environmental Science) ViewView
53 M.Sc. (Food Microbiology & Toxicology) ViewView
54 M.Sc. (Information Security) ViewView
55 M.Sc. (Information Technology) ViewView
56 M.Sc. (Nuclear Medicine Technology) ViewView
57 M.Sc. (Zoology) ViewView
58 MA (English) (Satellite Campus Amethi) ViewView
59 Master of Library & Information Science (M.Lib.I.Sc.) ViewView
60 MBA (Human Resource, Finance, Marketing) ViewView
61 MBA (Rural Management) ViewView
62 MCA ViewView
63 MCA (Evening) ViewView
64 One Year LLM ViewViewWait List
65 PG Diploma in Gender and Women Studies ViewN/A
66 PG Diploma In Hindi Patrakarita ViewView
67 Ph.D. (History) ViewN/A
68 Ph.D. (Education) ViewView
69 Ph.D. (Environmental Microbiology) ViewN/A
70 Ph.D. (Law) ViewN/A
71 Ph.D. (Library & Information Science) ViewView
72 Ph.D. (Environmental Science) ViewView
73 Ph.D. (Sociology) ViewView
74 Ph.D. ( Management) ViewN/A
75 Ph.D. ( Physics) ViewN/A
76 Ph.D. (Chemistry) ViewN/A
77 Ph.D. (Computer Science) ViewN/A
78 Ph.D. (Information Technology) ViewView
79 Ph.D. (Statistics) ViewView
80 Ph.D. (Home Science) ViewN/A
81 Ph.D. (Biotechnology) ViewN/A
82 Ph.D. (Economics) ViewN/A
83 Ph.D. (Hindi) ViewN/A
84 Ph.D. (Horticulture) ViewN/A
85 Ph.D. (Human Rights Law) ViewN/A
86 Ph.D. (Mathematics) ViewN/A
87 Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) (Pharmacology) ViewView
88 Ph.D. (Political Science) ViewN/A
89 Ph.D. (Zoology) ViewView
90 Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) (Pharamaceutics) ViewView